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Now called net-README.txt, not sunos-README.txt, pending eventual HP

Updated for 17c.  Added an example of installation and configuration.
Updated some sizes.
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......@@ -33,25 +33,24 @@ FTP compressed tar archives in binary mode. To extract, "cd" to the
directory that is to be the root of the tree, then type:
uncompress <file.tar.Z | tar xf - .
As of 12/11/92, the latest SunOS Sparc release is:
17b-sun4c_41.tar.Z (6.8 meg)
17b-extra-sun4c_41.tar.Z (3.6 meg)
As of 11/11/93, the latest SunOS Sparc release is:
17c-sunos.tar.Z (6.6 meg)
17c-extra-sunos.tar.Z (3.9 meg)
The first file holds binaries and documentation for the basic Lisp system,
while the second `-extra' file contains the Hemlock editor, the Motif toolkit,
the graphical debugger and the CLX interface to X11. The basic configuration
takes 16 megabytes of disk space; adding the extras takes another 8 megabytes.
takes 15 megabytes of disk space; adding the extras takes another 8 megabytes.
For installation directions, see the section "site initialization".
If poor network connections make it difficult to transfer a 10 meg file, the
If poor network connections make it difficult to transfer a 7 meg file, the
release is also available split into 2 megabyte chunks, suffixed `.0', `.1',
etc. To extract from multiple files, use:
cat file.tar.Z.* | uncompress | tar xf - .
The release area also contains source distributions and other binary
distributions. A listing of the current contents of the release area is in
FILES. Major release announcements will be made to comp.lang.lisp until there
is enough volume to warrant a comp.lang.lisp.cmu.
FILES. Major release announcements will be made to comp.lang.lisp.
SunOS credit:
......@@ -75,6 +74,68 @@ library:lisp.core. To avoid overwriting the running Lisp image, any existing
image is renamed to `lisp.core.BAK'; this file may be manually deleted to save
disk space.
Note: In order to use Motif (and the graphical debugger) with X servers from
non-OSF vendors (like Sun) you may need to set the environment variable
XKEYSYMDB to point to the file lib/XKeySymDB. Otherwise, you will get many
error messages every time a new connection is opened to the CMU CL motifd.
This file is read by the X11R5 Xt in order to augment the keysym database with
certain OSF vendor keysyms that Motif wants to use. If you get errors about
being unable to start the Motif server, try setting DISPLAY to the full
hostname, like:
and delete any .motif-socket-* files in /tmp.
Installation example (assuming the distribution files are in the cwd):
% mkdir cmucl
% cd cmucl
% zcat ../17c-sunos.tar.Z | tar xf -
% zcat ../17c-extra-sunos.tar.Z | tar xf -
% cd lib
% setenv CMUCLLIB `pwd`
% setenv XKEYSYMDB `pwd`
% cd ../bin
% setenv PATH $PATH":"`pwd`
Now you can run the basic Lisp:
% lisp
CMU Common Lisp 17c, running on
Send bug reports and questions to your local CMU CL maintainer, or to
Loaded subsystems:
Python 1.0, target SPARCstation/Sun 4
CLOS based on PCL version: September 16 92 PCL (f)
common-lisp-user> (quit)
Use config to load optional subsystems:
% ../lib/config
; Loading #p"library:config.lisp".
1: specify result file (currently "library:lisp.core")
2: toggle loading of the CLX X library, currently enabled.
3: toggle loading of Motif and the graphical debugger, currently enabled.
4: toggle loading the Hemlock editor, currently enabled.
5: specify some site-specific file to load.
6: configure according to current options.
7: abort the configuration process.
Option number: 6
;; Loading #p".../lib/subsystems/clx-library.sparcf".
;; Loading #p".../lib/subsystems/clm-library.sparcf".
;; Loading #p".../lib/subsystems/hemlock-library.sparcf".
Saved ".../foo/lib/lisp.core" as ".../foo/lib/lisp.core.BAK".
[Doing purification: Done.]
[Undoing binding stack... done]
[Saving current lisp image into .../foo/lib/lisp.core:
Writing 14804416 bytes from the Read-Only space at 0x00200000.
Writing 3542680 bytes from the Static space at 0x0C000000.
Writing 1464 bytes from the Dynamic space at 0x10000000.
SunOS/SPARC Notes:
With this release, CMU CL should require no special effort to run on Sparc10's
......@@ -108,8 +169,8 @@ packages: PCL and CLX. Although these packages are copyrighted, they may be
freely distributed without any licensing agreement or fee.
The release area contains a source distribution, which is an image of all the
".lisp" source files used to build version 17b:
17b-source.tar.Z (4.9 meg)
".lisp" source files used to build version 17c:
17c-source.tar.Z (4.9 meg)
All of our files (including the release area) are actually in the AFS file
system. On the release machines, the FTP server's home is the release
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