Commit 09fb062f authored by ram's avatar ram
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Fixed REVERSE-FIND-VOP to correctly handle searches in overflow blocks.

parent 58f139af
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
;;; Scott Fahlman or
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/pack.lisp,v 1.42 1991/09/28 12:38:00 ram Exp $")
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/pack.lisp,v 1.43 1991/11/05 17:36:08 ram Exp $")
;;; **********************************************************************
......@@ -516,10 +516,11 @@
;;; VOP. We must find the VOP in the same IR1 block.
(defun reverse-find-vop (name vop)
(do ((block (vop-block vop) (ir2-block-prev block)))
(do* ((block (vop-block vop) (ir2-block-prev block))
(last vop (ir2-block-last-vop block)))
(assert (eq (ir2-block-block block) (ir2-block-block (vop-block vop))))
(do ((current vop (vop-prev current)))
(do ((current last (vop-prev current)))
((null current))
(when (eq (vop-info-name (vop-info current)) name)
(return-from reverse-find-vop current)))))
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