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/* $Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/lisp/time.c,v 1.1 1993/11/12 19:21:23 wlott Exp $ */
/* Time support routines that are easier to do in C then in lisp. */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "lisp.h"
void get_timezone(time_t when, int *minwest, boolean *dst)
struct tm ltm, gtm;
ltm = *localtime(&when);
gtm = *gmtime(&when);
*minwest = ((gtm.tm_hour*60)+gtm.tm_sec) - ((ltm.tm_hour*60)+ltm.tm_sec);
*dst = ltm.tm_isdst;
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