Commit 0c7901b6 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy
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Update paths to sparc64 from sparcv9.

parent 2aed10fc
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ CC_V8PLUS = -xarch=sparc
AS_V8PLUS = -xarch=sparc
ASSEM_SRC = sparcv9-assem.S
ASSEM_SRC = sparc64-assem.S
CFLAGS += -xlibmieee -O
......@@ -116,9 +116,9 @@
(setf (search-list "c:")
(setf (search-list "vm:")
'("c:sparcv9/" "c:generic/"))
'("c:sparc64/" "c:generic/"))
(setf (search-list "assem:")
'("target:assembly/" "target:assembly/sparcv9/"))
'("target:assembly/" "target:assembly/sparc64/"))
;; Load the backend of the compiler.
......@@ -304,7 +304,7 @@
((c:target-featurep :sgi) "mips/")
((c:target-featurep :ppc) "ppc/")
((c:target-featurep :amd64) "amd64/")
((c:target-featurep :sparc64) "sparcv9/")
((c:target-featurep :sparc64) "sparc64/")
(error "What machine is this?")))
(make-pathname :directory (pathname-directory f)))))
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