Commit 17c18c3b authored by ram's avatar ram
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Added the *COMPILE-TIME-DEFINE-MACROS* flag so that we can compile

code:macros.lisp without choking.
parent e2fc0964
......@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@
(in-package 'c)
(export '(*compile-time-define-macros* *compiling-for-interpreter*))
(in-package 'ext)
(export '(ignorable truly-the maybe-inline))
......@@ -146,6 +148,12 @@
(defvar *converting-for-interpreter* nil)
;;; *Compile-Time-Define-Macros* is true when we want DEFMACRO definitions to
;;; be installed in the compilation environment as interpreted functions. We
;;; set this to false when compiling some parts of the system.
(defvar *compile-time-define-macros* t)
;;; IR1-Error-Bailout -- Internal
......@@ -2847,9 +2855,11 @@
(setf (info function kind name) :macro)
(setf (info function where-from name) :defined)
(setf (info function macro-function name)
#+new-compiler (coerce def 'function)
#-new-compiler def)
(when *compile-time-define-macros*
(setf (info function macro-function name)
#+new-compiler (coerce def 'function)
#-new-compiler def))
(let ((fun (ir1-convert-lambda def)))
(setf (leaf-name fun)
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