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Change reference to load-logical-pathname-defaults (pg 20) to

parent b641a186
......@@ -2563,7 +2563,7 @@ string reader also uses backslash as a quote:
If a namestring begins with the name of a defined logical pathname
host followed by a colon, then it will be parsed as a logical
pathname. Both `\code{*}' and `\code{**}' wildcards are implemented.
\findexed{load-logical-pathname-defaults} on \var{name} looks for a
\findexed{load-logical-pathname-translations} on \var{name} looks for a
logical host definition file in
\w{\file{library:\var{name}.translations}}. Note that \file{library:}
designates the search list (\pxlref{search-lists}) initialized to the
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