Commit 1e5b21e2 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Handle the case where Git describe prints nothing. In this case, just

use the original file comment.
parent fce6baff
......@@ -1127,11 +1127,13 @@ in the user USER-INFO slot of STREAM-SOURCE-LOCATIONs.")
(setf (default-directory) cwd))))
(generate-comment (file-info)
(let* ((name (pathname (source-info-stream file-info)))
(proc (run-git name)))
(if (and proc (zerop (process-exit-code proc)))
(proc (run-git name))
(if (and proc (zerop (process-exit-code proc))
(setf comment (read-line (process-output proc) nil nil)))
(format nil "$Header: ~A ~A $"
(enough-namestring name)
(read-line (process-output proc)))
(second form)))))
(cond ((file-info-comment file)
(compiler-warning _N"Ignoring extra file comment:~% ~S." form))
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