Commit 206c33ca authored by ram's avatar ram
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Changed to new logical names. Moved serve-event before lispinit so that

variables are defined before use.  Moved constants out of the LET
*compile-time-define-macros* so that DEFINE-SYSTEM-CONSTANT is defined.
Added type-boot.
parent 6ac73f94
......@@ -10,86 +10,87 @@
(in-package "USER")
(with-compiler-log-file ("ncode:compile-lisp.log")
(with-compiler-log-file ("code:compile-lisp.log")
;;; these guys need to be first.
(comf "ncode:globals" :always-once t) ; For global variables.
(comf "ncode:struct" :always-once t) ; For structures.
(comf "code:globals" :always-once t) ; For global variables.
(comf "code:struct" :always-once t) ; For structures.
;;; these guys can supposedly come in any order, but not really.
;;; some are put at the end so macros don't run interpreted and stuff.
(comf "ncode:lispinit")
(comf "ncode:error")
(comf "ncode:alieneval")
(comf "ncode:stream")
(comf "ncode:arith")
(comf "ncode:array")
(comf "ncode:backq")
(comf "ncode:c-call")
(comf "ncode:char")
(comf "ncode:list")
;(comf "ncode:clx-ext")
(comf "ncode:commandline")
(comf "ncode:eval")
(comf "ncode:debug")
(comf "ncode:trace")
(comf "ncode:extensions")
(comf "ncode:fd-stream")
(comf "ncode:fdefinition")
(comf "ncode:filesys")
(comf "ncode:format")
(comf "ncode:hash")
(comf "ncode:lfloatcon")
(comf "ncode:load")
(comf "ncode:miscop")
(comf "ncode:package")
(comf "ncode:rompstrops")
(comf "ncode:pred")
(comf "ncode:print")
(comf "ncode:provide")
(comf "ncode:query")
(comf "ncode:rand")
(comf "ncode:reader")
(comf "ncode:rompnum")
(comf "ncode:salterror")
(comf "ncode:save")
(comf "ncode:search-list")
(comf "ncode:seq")
(comf "ncode:serve-event")
(comf "ncode:sharpm")
(comf "ncode:sort")
(comf "ncode:run-program")
(comf "ncode:spirrat")
(comf "ncode:xp")
(comf "ncode:xp-patch")
(comf "ncode:pprint")
(comf "ncode:string")
(comf "ncode:subtypep")
(comf "ncode:symbol")
(comf "ncode:syscall")
(comf "ncode:sysmacs")
(comf "ncode:time")
(comf "ncode:foreign")
(comf "code:serve-event")
(comf "code:lispinit")
(comf "code:error")
(comf "code:alieneval")
(comf "code:stream")
(comf "code:arith")
(comf "code:array")
(comf "code:backq")
(comf "code:c-call")
(comf "code:char")
(comf "code:list")
;(comf "code:clx-ext")
(comf "code:commandline")
(comf "code:eval")
(comf "code:debug")
(comf "code:trace")
(comf "code:extensions")
(comf "code:fd-stream")
(comf "code:fdefinition")
(comf "code:filesys")
(comf "code:format")
(comf "code:hash")
(comf "code:lfloatcon")
(comf "code:load")
(comf "code:miscop")
(comf "code:package")
(comf "code:rompstrops")
(comf "code:pred")
(comf "code:print")
(comf "code:provide")
(comf "code:query")
(comf "code:rand")
(comf "code:reader")
(comf "code:rompnum")
(comf "code:salterror")
(comf "code:save")
(comf "code:search-list")
(comf "code:seq")
(comf "code:sharpm")
(comf "code:sort")
(comf "code:type-boot")
(comf "code:run-program")
(comf "code:spirrat")
(comf "code:xp")
(comf "code:xp-patch")
(comf "code:pprint")
(comf "code:string")
(comf "code:subtypep")
(comf "code:symbol")
(comf "code:syscall")
(comf "code:sysmacs")
(comf "code:time")
(comf "code:foreign")
(comf "c:proclaim")
(comf "c:knownfun")
(comf "ncode:debug-info")
(comf "code:debug-info")
;;; Later so that miscellaneous structures are defined (not crucial, but nice.)
(comf "ncode:describe")
;(comf "ncode:inspect")
(comf "ncode:tty-inspect")
(comf "code:describe")
;(comf "code:inspect")
(comf "code:tty-inspect")
(comf "ncode:purify")
(comf "ncode:gc")
(comf "ncode:misc")
(comf "ncode:format-time")
(comf "ncode:parse-time")
(comf "code:purify")
(comf "code:gc")
(comf "code:misc")
(comf "code:format-time")
(comf "code:parse-time")
(comf "ncode:internet")
(comf "ncode:wire")
(comf "ncode:remote")
(comf "code:internet")
(comf "code:wire")
(comf "code:remote")
(comf "assem:ropdefs")
(comf "assem:rompconst")
......@@ -99,19 +100,21 @@
(comf "assem:assembler")
(comf "ncode:machdef")
(comf "ncode:mmlispdefs")
(comf "nicode:machdefs")
(comf "nicode:netnamedefs")
(comf "code:machdef")
(comf "code:mmlispdefs")
(comf "icode:machdefs")
(comf "icode:netnamedefs")
(let ((system:*alien-eval-when* '(compile eval)))
(unless (probe-file "nicode:machuser.nfasl")
(load "nicode:machmsgdefs.lisp")
(comf "nicode:machuser"))
(unless (probe-file "icode:machuser.nfasl")
(load "icode:machmsgdefs.lisp")
(comf "icode:machuser"))
(unless (probe-file "nicode:netnameuser.nfasl")
(load "nicode:netnamemsgdefs.lisp")
(comf "nicode:netnameuser")))
(unless (probe-file "icode:netnameuser.nfasl")
(load "icode:netnamemsgdefs.lisp")
(comf "icode:netnameuser")))
(comf "code:constants")
;;; Compile basic macros that we assume are already in the compilation
;;; environment. We inhibit compile-time definition to prevent these functions
......@@ -121,11 +124,10 @@
;;; definition of a macro which uses itself.
(let ((c:*compile-time-define-macros* nil))
(comf "ncode:defstruct")
(comf "ncode:defmacro")
(comf "ncode:macros")
(comf "ncode:defrecord")
(comf "ncode:constants")
(comf "code:defstruct")
(comf "code:defmacro")
(comf "code:macros")
(comf "code:defrecord")
(comf "c:globaldb"))
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