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Changed ADJOIN-TEMPLATE to operate on a list arg, rather than always

hacking on function-info-templates.
Made the SC-MOVE-VOPS be a sorted list of VOPS that can be used for moves
with that particular SC pair.
parent a30599e4
......@@ -151,9 +151,9 @@
:Alternate-SCs (SC*)
Indicates other SCs that can be used to hold values from this SC across
calls or when storage in this SC is exhausted. The SCs should be
specified in order of decreasing \"goodness\". Unless this SC is only
used for restricted or wired TNs, then there must be a last SC in an
unbounded SB.
specified in order of decreasing \"goodness\". There must be at least
one SC in an unbounded SB, unless this SC is only used for restricted or
wired TNs.
:Constant-SCs (SC*)
A list of the names of all the constant SCs that can be loaded into this
......@@ -319,12 +319,14 @@
(do-sc-pairs (from-sc to-sc ',scs)
(dolist (dest-sc (cons to-sc (sc-alternate-scs to-sc)))
(let ((vec (,accessor dest-sc)))
(setf (svref vec (sc-number from-sc)) vop)
(let ((scn (sc-number from-sc)))
(setf (svref vec scn)
(adjoin-template vop (svref vec scn))))
(dolist (sc (append (sc-alternate-scs from-sc)
(sc-constant-scs from-sc)))
(let ((scn (sc-number sc)))
(unless (svref vec scn)
(setf (svref vec scn) vop)))))))))))
(setf (svref vec scn)
(adjoin-template vop (svref vec scn))))))))))))
;;;; Primitive type definition:
......@@ -1682,19 +1684,16 @@
;;; Adjoin-Template -- Internal
;;; Add Template into Info's Templates, removing any old template with the
;;; same name.
(defun adjoin-template (info template)
(declare (type function-info info) (type template template))
(setf (function-info-templates info)
(sort (cons template
(remove (template-name template)
(function-info-templates info)
:key #'template-name))
:key #'template-cost))
;;; Add Template into List, removing any old template with the same name.
;;; We also maintain the increasing cost ordering.
(defun adjoin-template (template list)
(declare (type template template) (list list))
(sort (cons template
(remove (template-name template) list
:key #'template-name))
:key #'template-cost))
;;; Set-Up-Function-Translation -- Internal
......@@ -1709,7 +1708,9 @@
(declare (type vop-parse parse))
(mapcar #'(lambda (name)
`(let ((info (function-info-or-lose ',name)))
(adjoin-template info ,n-template)
(setf (function-info-templates info)
(adjoin-template ,n-template
(function-info-templates info)))
,@(when (vop-parse-conditional-p parse)
'((setf (function-info-attributes info)
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