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Update docstring for REQUIRE

Include a list of the builtin modules supported by cmucl to the
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......@@ -91,7 +91,17 @@
calling PROVIDE to indicate a successful load of the module.
While loading any files, *load-verbose* is bound to *require-verbose*
which defaults to t."
which defaults to t.
The predefined modules included are :defsystem, :asdf, :lisp-unit,
:unix, :clx, :clm, :hemlock, and :cmu-contribs.
The module :cmu-contribs differs from the other modules in that
requiring this module only defines the following modules:
\"contrib-demos\", \"contrib-follow-mouse\",
\"contrib-games-feebs\", \"contrib-hist\", \"contrib-psgraph\",
\"contrib-ops\", \"contrib-embedded-c\", \"contrib-sprof\", and
\"contrib-packed-sse2\". "
(let ((saved-modules (copy-list *modules*))
(module-name (module-name-string module-name)))
(unless (member module-name *modules* :test #'string=)
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