Commit 2ecd1851 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy
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Fix aliasing issue noted by gcc 4.4.1 on Linux.

Remove the variables i0 and i1 since they weren't used anywhere
anyway.  They weren't used in the original code either.
parent e334b681
......@@ -101,14 +101,13 @@ ivln2_l = 1.92596299112661746887e-08; /* 0x3E54AE0B, 0xF85DDF44 =1/ln2 tail*/
double z,ax,z_h,z_l,p_h,p_l;
double y1,t1,t2,r,s,t,u,v,w;
int i0,i1,i,j,k,yisint,n;
int ,i,j,k,yisint,n;
int hx,hy,ix,iy;
unsigned lx,ly;
union { int i[2]; double d; } ux;
union { int i[2]; double d; } uy;
union { int i[2]; double d; } utmp;
i0 = ((*(int*)&one)>>29)^1; i1=1-i0;
ux.d = x;
hx = ux.i[HIWORD]; lx = ux.i[LOWORD];
uy.d = y;
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