Commit 305917d7 authored by ram's avatar ram
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Merged non-descriptor changes:

date: 90/03/27 13:15:50;  author: ram;  state: Exp;  lines added/del: 5/2
When describing a compiled function, print the file comment (if any.)  ALso,
changed format to put the create date on a separate line from the source
file to reduce wrapping problems.
parent 23558d26
......@@ -264,8 +264,11 @@
(let ((name (c::debug-source-name source)))
(ecase (c::debug-source-from source)
(format t "~&~A " (namestring name))
(ext:format-universal-time t (c::debug-source-created source)))
(format t "~&~A~% Created: " (namestring name))
(ext:format-universal-time t (c::debug-source-created source))
(let ((comment (c::debug-source-comment source)))
(when comment
(format t "~& Comment: ~A" comment))))
(:stream (format t "~&~S" name))
(:lisp (format t "~&~S" name)))))))))
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