Commit 30909eee authored by ram's avatar ram
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Upped the safety and debug-info for pathname and filesys.

parent f49a5f80
...@@ -140,8 +140,10 @@ ...@@ -140,8 +140,10 @@
(comf "target:code/serve-event") (comf "target:code/serve-event")
(pushnew :serve-event *features*) (pushnew :serve-event *features*)
(comf "target:code/fd-stream") (comf "target:code/fd-stream")
(comf "target:code/pathname") (with-compilation-unit ; Until this code is shaken down more...
(comf "target:code/filesys") (:optimize '(optimize (safety 2) (debug 2)))
(comf "target:code/pathname")
(comf "target:code/filesys"))
(comf "target:code/load") (comf "target:code/load")
(comf "target:code/eval") (comf "target:code/eval")
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