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Update from logs.

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......@@ -20,12 +20,25 @@ New in this release:
* Known issues:
* Feature enhancements
* The darwin/ppc port can create executables now. Current
implementation is rather buggy, though.
* Changes
* Micro-optimize SCALE-FLOAT to do multiplication when possible.
* Update to ASDF 3.1.4.
* The external-format :UTF is no longer an alias for :UTF-8.
* :ELF feature added for solaris.
* LISP:WITH-STRING-CODEPOINT-ITERATOR added to iterate over the
codepoints in a string. This works the same as
* LISP:WITH-STRING-GLYPH-ITERATOR added to iterate over the glyphs
in a string. Works like WITH-HASH-TABLE-ITERATOR.
* LOOP supports new extended keywords
* (loop for cp being the codepoint of string ...)
* codepoints, code-point, and code-points are aliases for
* (loop for g-string being the glpyh of string ...)
* glyphs is an alias for glpyh.
* ANSI compliance fixes:
......@@ -42,17 +55,40 @@ New in this release:
* Support for 64-bit time_t on NetBSD added. This allows cmucl to
run on more recent versions of NetBSD.
* The empty package LOOP has been removed.
* Executables on x86 can be created once again. This ability was
inadvertently broken when x86 support was removed.
* (log number base) no longer generates an error when one of the
args is a double-double.
* Fix bug in kernel::dd-%log2 which returned the wrong value.
* More accurate values for (log x 2) and (log x 10):
* Add log10 implementation for double-doubles so that log10(10^n)
= n for integer n.
* An accurate log2 function added so that log2(2^n) = n.
* All unit tests pass successfully on darwin/x86, linux/x86, and
solaris/sparc. Darwin/ppc fails most of the tests dealing with
exceptions for the special functions.
* Trac Tickets:
* Ticket #54 fixed.
* Ticket #95 fixed.
* Ticket #110 fixed.
* Ticket #112 fixed.
* Other changes:
* Cross compile scripts from x86 to sparc and ppc updated to work
again to cross-compile from the current snapshot.
* motifd is a 64-bit binary on linux again, instead of 32-bit.
* Improvements to the PCL implementation of CLOS:
* Changes to building procedure:
* Dependencies for motifd are autogenerated.
* Cross compile frox darwin/x86 to solaris/x86 fixed to work
This release is not binary compatible with code compiled using CMUCL
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