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Misc changes for new lexenv structure. Only dump TNs as always-live

if they are args, otherwise use the lexenv to tell whether they are
in scope at any given point.
parent 9a5030ec
......@@ -61,24 +61,27 @@
(proclaim '(inline ir2-block-environment))
(defun ir2-block-environment (2block)
(declare (type ir2-block 2block))
(lambda-environment (block-lambda (ir2-block-block 2block))))
(block-environment (ir2-block-block 2block)))
;;; COMPUTE-LIVE-VARS -- Internal
;;; Given a local conflicts vector and an IR2 block to represent the set of
;;; live TNs, and the Var-Locs hashtable representing the variables dumped,
;;; compute a bit-vector representing the set of live variables.
;;; compute a bit-vector representing the set of live variables. If the TN is
;;; environment-live, we only mark it as live when it is in scope at Node.
(defun compute-live-vars (live block var-locs)
(defun compute-live-vars (live node block var-locs)
(declare (type ir2-block block) (type local-tn-bit-vector live)
(type hash-table var-locs))
(type hash-table var-locs) (type node node))
(let ((res (make-array (logandc2 (+ (hash-table-count var-locs) 7) 7)
:element-type 'bit
:initial-element 0)))
(do-live-tns (tn live block)
(let ((leaf (tn-leaf tn)))
(when (lambda-var-p leaf)
(when (and (lambda-var-p leaf)
(or (not (eq (tn-kind tn) :environment))
(rassoc leaf (lexenv-variables (node-lexenv node)))))
(let ((num (gethash leaf var-locs)))
(when num
(setf (sbit res num) 1))))))
......@@ -109,12 +112,13 @@
(let ((loc (label-location label)))
(write-var-integer (- loc *previous-location*) *byte-buffer*)
(setq *previous-location* loc))
(let ((path (node-source-path node)))
(unless tlf-num
(write-var-integer (source-path-tlf-number path) *byte-buffer*))
(write-var-integer (source-path-form-number path) *byte-buffer*))
(unless tlf-num
(write-var-integer (node-tlf-number node) *byte-buffer*))
(write-var-integer (first (node-source-path node)) *byte-buffer*)
(write-packed-bit-vector (compute-live-vars live block var-locs)
(write-packed-bit-vector (compute-live-vars live node block var-locs)
......@@ -146,19 +150,24 @@
(defun find-tlf-and-block-numbers (fun)
(declare (type clambda fun))
(let ((res (node-tlf-number (lambda-bind fun)))
(let ((res (source-path-tlf-number (node-source-path (lambda-bind fun))))
(num 0))
(do-environment-ir2-blocks (2block (lambda-environment fun))
(let ((block (ir2-block-block 2block)))
(when (eq (block-info block) 2block)
(setf (block-flag block) num)
(incf num)
(unless (eql (node-tlf-number (continuation-next (block-start block)))
(unless (eql (source-path-tlf-number
(block-start block))))
(setq res nil)))
(dolist (loc (ir2-block-locations 2block))
(unless (eql (node-tlf-number (vop-node (location-info-vop loc)))
(unless (eql (source-path-tlf-number
(vop-node (location-info-vop loc))))
(setq res nil)))))
......@@ -194,8 +203,7 @@
(if (and succ
(or (eq (car succ) tail)
(not (eq (lambda-environment (block-lambda (car succ)))
(not (eq (block-environment (car succ)) env))))
......@@ -277,7 +285,7 @@
(setf (debug-source-from res) name)
(when (eq name :lisp)
(setf (debug-source-name res)
(cadr (aref (file-info-forms x) 0))))))
(aref (file-info-forms x) 0)))))
(source-info-files info)))
......@@ -306,7 +314,7 @@
(coerce seq 'simple-vector))))
;;;; Locations:
;;;; Variables:
;;; TN-SC-OFFSET -- Internal
......@@ -324,8 +332,9 @@
;;; makes Var's name unique in the function. Buffer is the vector we stick the
;;; result in.
(defun dump-1-variable (var tn id buffer)
(declare (type lambda-var var) (type tn tn) (type unsigned-byte id))
(defun dump-1-variable (fun var tn id buffer)
(declare (type lambda-var var) (type tn tn) (type unsigned-byte id)
(type clambda fun))
(let* ((name (leaf-name var))
(package (symbol-package name))
(package-p (and package (not (eq package *package*))))
......@@ -335,7 +344,8 @@
(setq flags (logior flags compiled-debug-variable-uninterned)))
(when package-p
(setq flags (logior flags compiled-debug-variable-packaged)))
(when (eq (tn-kind tn) :environment)
(when (and (eq (tn-kind tn) :environment)
(eq (lambda-var-home var) fun))
(setq flags (logior flags compiled-debug-variable-environment-live)))
(when save-tn
(setq flags (logior flags compiled-debug-variable-save-loc-p)))
......@@ -397,7 +407,7 @@
(incf id))
(setq id 0 prev-name name)))
(dump-1-variable var (cdr x) id *byte-buffer*)
(dump-1-variable fun var (cdr x) id *byte-buffer*)
(setf (gethash var var-locs) i))
(incf i)))
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