Commit 4d6fd77f authored by ram's avatar ram
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Moved computation of the VALUES-GENERATORS here from ltn.

Changed dead value annotation to not try to pop off values for a tail
local call, since none were pushed.
parent d1f88027
......@@ -120,16 +120,27 @@
;;; continuation that isn't live, it must be the case that all continuations
;;; pushed after (on top of) it aren't live.
;;; If we see a pushed continuation that is the CONT of a tail call, then we
;;; ignore it, since the tail call didn't actually push anything. The tail
;;; call must always the last in the block.
(defun annotate-dead-values (block)
(declare (type cblock block))
(let* ((2block (block-info block))
(stack (ir2-block-end-stack 2block)))
(do ((pushes (ir2-block-pushed 2block) (rest pushes)))
(stack (ir2-block-end-stack 2block))
(last (block-last block))
(tailp-cont (if (node-tail-p last) (node-cont last))))
(do ((pushes (ir2-block-pushed 2block) (rest pushes))
(popping nil))
((null pushes))
(unless (member (first pushes) stack)
(dolist (push pushes)
(assert (not (member push stack)))
(push push (ir2-block-end-stack 2block))))))
(let ((push (first pushes)))
(cond ((member push stack)
(assert (not popping)))
((eq push tailp-cont)
(assert (null (rest pushes))))
(push push (ir2-block-end-stack 2block))
(setq popping t))))))
......@@ -174,13 +185,32 @@
;;;; Stack analyze:
;;; Return a list of all the blocks containing genuine uses of one of the
;;; Receivers. Exits are excluded, since they don't drop through to the
;;; receiver.
(defun find-values-generators (receivers)
(declare (list receivers))
(collect ((res nil adjoin))
(dolist (rec receivers)
(dolist (pop (ir2-block-popped (block-info rec)))
(do-uses (use pop)
(unless (exit-p use)
(res (node-block use))))))
;;; Stack-Analyze -- Interface
;;; Analyze the use of unknown-values continuations in Component, inserting
;;; cleanup code to discard values that are generated but never received. This
;;; phase doesn't need to be run when Values-Receivers is null, i.e. there are
;;; no unknown-values continuations used across block boundaries.
;;; Values-Generators is always null when Values-Receivers is null.
;;; Do the backward graph walk, starting at each values receiver. We ignore
;;; receivers that already have a non-null Start-Stack. These are nested
......@@ -191,7 +221,7 @@
(declare (type component component))
(let* ((2comp (component-info component))
(receivers (ir2-component-values-receivers 2comp))
(generators (ir2-component-values-generators 2comp)))
(generators (find-values-generators receivers)))
(dolist (block generators)
(find-pushed-continuations block))
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