Commit 4fdf7d22 authored by ram's avatar ram
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Merged non-descriptor changes:

 date: 90/04/13 12:59:07;  author: ram;  state: Exp;  lines added/del: 0/13
 Moved POINTER-COMPARE to char, since it is now loaded first.
 date: 90/04/08 22:38:40;  author: ram;  state: Exp;  lines added/del: 5/1
 Fixed temporary spec in pointer- to specify a SC restriction.
parent 6ce1ef9d
......@@ -28,7 +28,11 @@
(:args (ptr1 :scs (descriptor-reg) :target temp)
(ptr2 :scs (descriptor-reg)))
(:results (res :scs (any-reg descriptor-reg)))
(:temporary (:from (:argument 0) :to (:result 0) :target res) temp)
(:temporary (:sc any-reg
:from (:argument 0)
:to (:result 0)
:target res)
(:generator 1
(unless (location= ptr1 temp)
(inst lr temp ptr1))
......@@ -57,19 +61,6 @@
(loadw res x (/ clc::bignum-header-size 4))
(emit-label fixp))))
(define-vop (pointer-compare)
(:args (x :scs (any-reg descriptor-reg))
(y :scs (any-reg descriptor-reg)))
(:info target not-p)
(:policy :fast-safe)
(:note "inline comparison")
(:variant-vars condition)
(:generator 3
(inst cl x y)
(if not-p
(inst bnb condition target)
(inst bb condition target))))
(macrolet ((frob (name cond)
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