Commit 570dc725 authored by ram's avatar ram
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Added a DEFINE-MOVE-VOP :MOVE-ARGUMENT for moving from string-char to

descriptor.  This is just MOVE-ARGUMENT, with the coercion being done
by an additional implicit coercion.
parent df1f3f4b
......@@ -54,6 +54,13 @@
(string-char-reg) (string-char-reg))
;;; Use standard MOVE-ARGUMENT + coercion to move an untagged string-char to a
;;; descriptor passing location.
(define-move-vop move-argument :move-argument
(string-char-reg) (any-reg descriptor-reg))
;;; Move a tagged string char to an untagged representation.
(define-vop (move-to-string-char)
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