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Revamped :save-once TN stuff to work now given the (long ago) change

for local callers to directly write the variable location.  This
lossage never manifested, because we never chose :save-once saving
strategy (due to a recently fixed bug.)
parent fe0995e8
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
;;; Scott Fahlman or
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/pack.lisp,v 1.32 1991/02/25 18:12:16 ram Exp $")
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/pack.lisp,v 1.33 1991/02/26 22:07:34 ram Exp $")
;;; **********************************************************************
......@@ -19,6 +19,12 @@
(in-package 'c)
;;; Some parameters controlling which optimizations we attempt (for debugging.)
(defparameter pack-assign-costs t)
(defparameter pack-optimize-saves t)
(defparameter pack-save-once t)
;;;; Conflict determination:
......@@ -491,24 +497,67 @@
(emit-operand-load node block save tn next)))
;;; FIND-SINGLE-WRITER -- Internal
;;; Return a VOP after which is an o.k. place to save the value of TN. For
;;; correctness, it is only required that this location be after any possible
;;; write and before any possible restore location.
;;; In practice, we return the unique writer VOP, but give up if the TN is
;;; ever read by a VOP with MOVE-ARGS :LOCAL-CALL. This prevents us from being
;;; confused by non-tail local calls.
;;; When looking for writes, we have to ignore uses of MOVE-OPERAND, since they
;;; will correspond to restores that we have already done.
(defun find-single-writer (tn)
(declare (type tn tn))
(do ((write (tn-writes tn) (tn-ref-next write))
(res nil))
((null write)
(when (and res
(loop for read = (tn-reads tn) then (tn-ref-next read)
while read
never (eq (vop-info-move-args
(tn-ref-vop read)))
(tn-ref-vop res)))
(unless (eq (vop-info-name (vop-info (tn-ref-vop write)))
(when res (return nil))
(setq res write))))
;;; Save-Single-Writer-TN -- Internal
;;; For TNs that have a single writer, we save the TN at the writer, and
;;; only restore after the call.
;;; Try to save TN at a single location. If we succeed, return T, otherwise
;;; NIL.
(defun save-single-writer-tn (tn vop)
(defun save-single-writer-tn (tn)
(declare (type tn tn))
(let* ((old-save (tn-save-tn tn))
(save (or old-save (pack-save-tn tn))))
(save (or old-save (pack-save-tn tn)))
(writer (find-single-writer tn)))
(when (and writer
(or (not old-save)
(eq (tn-kind old-save) :specified-save)))
(emit-operand-load (vop-node writer) (vop-block writer)
tn save (vop-next writer))
(setf (tn-kind save) :save-once)
(when (or (not old-save)
(eq (tn-kind old-save) :specified-save))
(let ((writer (tn-ref-vop (tn-writes tn))))
(emit-operand-load (vop-node writer) (vop-block writer)
tn save (vop-next writer)))
(setf (tn-kind save) :save-once))
;;; Restore a TN with a :SAVE-ONCE save TN.
(defun restore-single-writer-tn (tn vop)
(declare (type tn) (type vop vop))
(let ((save (tn-save-tn tn)))
(assert (eq (tn-kind save) :save-once))
(emit-operand-load (vop-node vop) (vop-block vop) save tn (vop-next vop)))
......@@ -519,12 +568,13 @@
(defun basic-save-tn (tn vop)
(declare (type tn tn) (type vop vop))
(let ((writes (tn-writes tn))
(save (tn-save-tn tn)))
(if (or (and save (eq (tn-kind save) :save-once))
(and writes (null (tn-ref-next writes))))
(save-single-writer-tn tn vop)
(save-complex-writer-tn tn vop)))
(let ((save (tn-save-tn tn)))
(cond ((and save (eq (tn-kind save) :save-once))
(restore-single-writer-tn tn vop))
((save-single-writer-tn tn)
(restore-single-writer-tn tn vop))
(save-complex-writer-tn tn vop))))
......@@ -548,13 +598,12 @@
;;;; Optimized saving:
;;; SAVE-IF-NECESSARY -- Internal
;;; Save TN if it isn't a single-writer TN that has already been saved. If
;;; multi-write, we insert the save Before the specified VOP. Context is a VOP
;;; used to tell which node/block to use for the new VOP. When looking for
;;; writes, we have to ignore uses of MOVE-OPERAND, since they correspond to
;;; restores that we have already done.
;;; used to tell which node/block to use for the new VOP.
(defun save-if-necessary (tn before context)
(declare (type tn tn) (type (or vop null) before) (type vop context))
......@@ -563,22 +612,9 @@
(setf (tn-kind save) :save))
(assert (member (tn-kind save) '(:save :save-once)))
(unless (eq (tn-kind save) :save-once)
(let ((writer
(do ((write (tn-writes tn) (tn-ref-next write))
(res nil))
((null write) res)
(unless (eq (vop-info-name (vop-info (tn-ref-vop write)))
(when res (return nil))
(setq res write)))))
(cond (writer
(let ((vop (tn-ref-vop writer)))
(emit-operand-load (vop-node vop) (vop-block vop)
tn save (vop-next vop))
(setf (tn-kind save) :save-once)))
(emit-operand-load (vop-node context) (vop-block context)
tn save before))))))
(or (save-single-writer-tn tn)
(emit-operand-load (vop-node context) (vop-block context)
tn save before))))
......@@ -1364,7 +1400,7 @@
;; Assign costs to normal TNs so we know which ones should always be
;; packed on the stack.
(when optimize
(when (and optimize pack-assign-costs)
(assign-tn-costs component))
;; Pack normal TNs in the order that they appear in the code. This
......@@ -1391,7 +1427,7 @@
;; Do load TN packing and emit saves.
(let ((*live-block* nil)
(*live-vop* nil))
(cond (optimize
(cond ((and optimize pack-optimize-saves)
(optimized-emit-saves component)
(do-ir2-blocks (block component)
(pack-load-tns block)))
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