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Change block numbering to the one computed at ir2-conversion time &

shared with profile info.
parent 57e3d58e
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
;;; Scott Fahlman or
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/debug-dump.lisp,v 1.31 1992/08/03 19:03:35 wlott Exp $")
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/debug-dump.lisp,v 1.32 1993/03/12 15:35:50 ram Exp $")
;;; **********************************************************************
......@@ -158,21 +158,18 @@
;;; FIND-TLF-NUMBER -- Internal
;;; Scan all the blocks, caching the block numbering in the BLOCK-FLAG and
;;; determining if all locations are in the same TLF.
;;; Scan all the blocks, determining if all locations are in the same TLF,
;;; and returing it or NIL.
(defun find-tlf-and-block-numbers (fun)
(defun find-tlf-number (fun)
(declare (type clambda fun))
(let ((res (source-path-tlf-number (node-source-path (lambda-bind fun))))
(num 0))
(declare (type index num) (type (or index null) res))
(let ((res (source-path-tlf-number (node-source-path (lambda-bind fun)))))
(declare (type (or index null) res))
(do-environment-ir2-blocks (2block (lambda-environment fun))
(let ((block (ir2-block-block 2block)))
(when (eq (block-info block) 2block)
(setf (block-flag block) num)
(incf num)
(unless (eql (source-path-tlf-number
......@@ -230,8 +227,13 @@
(dpb (length valid-succ) compiled-debug-block-nsucc-byte 0)
(dolist (b valid-succ)
(write-var-integer (block-flag b) *byte-buffer*)))
(let ((base (block-number
(lambda-bind (environment-function env))))))
(dolist (b valid-succ)
(the index (- (block-number b) base))
......@@ -249,7 +251,7 @@
(declare (type clambda fun) (type hash-table var-locs))
(setf (fill-pointer *byte-buffer*) 0)
(let ((*previous-location* 0)
(tlf-num (find-tlf-and-block-numbers fun))
(tlf-num (find-tlf-number fun))
(env (lambda-environment fun))
(prev-locs nil)
(prev-block nil))
......@@ -575,9 +577,11 @@
(defun compute-1-debug-function (fun var-locs)
(declare (type clambda fun) (type hash-table var-locs))
(let* ((dfun (dfun-from-fun fun))
(level (cookie-debug
(lexenv-cookie (node-lexenv (lambda-bind fun))))))
(cookie-debug (lexenv-cookie (node-lexenv (lambda-bind fun)))))
(level (if *collect-dynamic-statistics*
(max actual-level 2)
(cond ((zerop level))
((and (<= level 1)
(let ((od (lambda-optional-dispatch fun)))
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