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;;; -*- Package: CPROFILE -*-
;;; **********************************************************************
;;; This code was written as part of the CMU Common Lisp project at
;;; Carnegie Mellon University, and has been placed in the public domain.
;;; If you want to use this code or any part of CMU Common Lisp, please contact
;;; Scott Fahlman or
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/code/cprofile.lisp,v 1.1 1993/08/17 16:41:19 ram Exp $")
;;; **********************************************************************
;;; This file contains run-time support for collecting dynamic profiling
;;; information from code instrumented by the compiler.
(defpackage "CPROFILE"
(in-package "C")
(export '(dyncount-info dyncount-info-p) "C")
(in-package "CPROFILE")
(eval-when (compile)
(when *collect-dynamic-statistics*
(error "You don't want to compile this file with profiling.")))
;;; Represents a single high-cost code object we've pulled out of memory.
(defstruct (selection-elt
(lambda (s stream d)
(declare (ignore d))
(print-unreadable-object (s stream :type t :identity t)))))
;; The code-object we're collecting info for.
(code nil)
;; The Dyncount-Info for this object (the first constant.)
(info nil :type (or dyncount-info null))
;; The total cost associated with this code object.
(cost 0d0 :type double-float)
;; Remaining slots only filled in when we have definitely selected this
;; object...
;; A copy of the counts vector (so the results don't get modified.)
(counts nil :type (or (simple-array (unsigned-byte 32) (*)) null))
;; A list of lists ((debug-function cost first-index) for all the functions
;; in this object, where cost is the total cost for this function and
;; first-index is the index in costs/counts of the first block in this
;; function.
(functions nil :type list))
;;; Represents a collection of the N most expensive code objects.
(defstruct (selection
(lambda (s stream d)
(declare (ignore d))
(print-unreadable-object (s stream :type t :identity t)
(format stream "~A, top ~D, cost ~S" (selection-name s)
(length (selection-elements s))
(selection-total-cost s))))))
;; Some kind of descriptive name.
(name (required-argument) :type string)
;; Total cost of all code objects scanned.
(total-cost 0d0 :type double-float)
;; List of elements selected.
(elements (list (make-selection-elt :cost -1d0)) :type list))
(defconstant count-me-cost-fudge 3d0
"Our guess is to how many cycles in each block are really due to
;;; SAVE-SELECT-RESULT -- Internal
;;; First copy all of the counts vectors, then find the debug-functions and
;;; costs. This split avoids considering spurious costs related to parsing
;;; debug-info, etc.
(defun save-select-result (res)
(dolist (elt res)
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(let* ((info (selection-elt-info elt))
(counts (dyncount-info-counts info))
(len (length counts))
(new (make-array len :element-type '(unsigned-byte 32))))
(dotimes (i len)
(setf (aref new i) (aref counts i)))
(setf (selection-elt-counts elt) new)))
(dolist (elt res)
(let* ((object (selection-elt-code elt))
(debug-info (code-header-ref object vm:code-debug-info-slot))
(map (di::get-debug-info-function-map debug-info))
(costs (dyncount-info-costs (selection-elt-info elt)))
(counts (selection-elt-counts elt))
(j 0)
(last-j 0))
(declare (simple-vector map))
(dotimes (i (length map))
(declare (fixnum i))
(let ((e (svref map i)))
(when (c::compiled-debug-function-p e)
(let ((fn (di::make-compiled-debug-function e object))
(sum 0d0))
(declare (double-float sum) (type index j))
(do-debug-function-blocks (blk fn)
(unless (debug-block-elsewhere-p blk)
(incf sum
(* (- (coerce (the (unsigned-byte 31)
(aref costs j))
(coerce (the (unsigned-byte 31)
(aref counts j))
(incf j)))
(push (list fn sum last-j)
(selection-elt-functions elt))
(setq last-j j)))))))
(defun clear-profile-info (&optional (spaces '(:dynamic)))
"Clear all profiling counts. Call this before running your test."
(declare (inline vm::map-allocated-objects)
(optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(dolist (space spaces)
#'(lambda (object type-code size)
(declare (ignore type-code size))
(when (code-component-p object)
(let ((info (code-header-ref object vm:code-constants-offset)))
(when (dyncount-info-p info)
(clear-dyncount-info info)))))
(defun select-profile-result (&key (name "unknown") (n 30)
(spaces '(:dynamic)))
(declare (string name) (list spaces) (type index n))
(let ((res (loop repeat n collect (make-selection-elt :cost -1d0)))
(min-cost -1d0)
(selection (make-selection :name name)))
(declare (type double-float min-cost)
(inline vm::map-allocated-objects)
(optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(dolist (space spaces)
#'(lambda (object type-code size)
(declare (ignore type-code size))
(when (code-component-p object)
(let ((info (code-header-ref object vm:code-constants-offset)))
(when (dyncount-info-p info)
(let ((costs (dyncount-info-costs info))
(counts (dyncount-info-counts info))
(this-cost 0d0))
(declare (double-float this-cost))
(dotimes (i (length counts))
(incf this-cost
(* (coerce (the (unsigned-byte 31)
(aref counts i))
(- (coerce (the (unsigned-byte 31)
(aref costs i))
(incf (selection-total-cost selection) this-cost)
(when (> this-cost min-cost)
(do ((prev res current)
(current (cdr res) (cdr current)))
((or (null current)
(> (selection-elt-cost (car current))
(setf (cdr prev)
(cons (make-selection-elt
:cost this-cost
:code object
:info info)
(let ((old (pop res)))
(setq min-cost (selection-elt-cost old)))))))))
(unless res
(error "No profilable code objects found."))
(unless (minusp (selection-elt-cost (first res))) (return))
(pop res))
(save-select-result res)
(setf (selection-elements selection) res)
(defun function-report (selection &key (top-n 20))
(let ((selected-funs ()))
(dolist (elt (selection-elements selection))
(let ((comp-funs ()))
(dolist (fun (selection-elt-functions elt))
(let* ((name (debug-function-name (first fun)))
(found (assoc name comp-funs :test #'equal)))
(if found
(incf (cdr found) (second fun))
(push (cons name (second fun)) comp-funs))))
(setq selected-funs (append comp-funs selected-funs))))
(let ((sorted (sort selected-funs #'> :key #'cdr))
(total 0d0))
(declare (double-float total))
(loop for (name . cost) in sorted
repeat top-n do
(format t "~,2E: ~S~%" cost name)
(incf total cost))
(format t "~,2E: Total~%" total)
(format t "~,2E: Other~%" (- (selection-total-cost selection) total))))
;;; FIND-INFO-FOR -- Interface
;;; Return the DYNCOUNT-INFO for FUNCTION.
(defun find-info-for (function)
(declare (type function function))
(let* ((function (%closure-function function))
(component (di::function-code-header function)))
(do ((end (get-header-data component))
(i vm:code-constants-offset (1+ i)))
((= end i))
(let ((constant (code-header-ref component i)))
(when (dyncount-info-p constant)
(return constant))))))
(defun clear-dyncount-info (info)
(declare (type dyncount-info info))
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(let ((counts (dyncount-info-counts info)))
(dotimes (i (length counts))
(setf (aref counts i) 0))))
(defun dyncount-total-cost (info)
(let ((costs (dyncount-info-costs info))
(counts (dyncount-info-counts info))
(sum 0))
(dotimes (i (length costs))
(incf sum (* (aref costs i) (aref counts i))))
;;; SAME-SOURCE-P -- Internal
;;; Return true if two code locations have the same source form.
(defun same-source-p (x y)
(and (= (code-location-form-number x)
(code-location-form-number y))
(= (di:code-location-top-level-form-offset x)
(di:code-location-top-level-form-offset y))))
;;; FUNCTION-CYCLES -- External.
(defun function-cycles (name selection &key (top-n 15) (combine t))
(declare (type selection selection))
"Print detailed information about the costs associated with a particular
function in a SELECTION of dynamic statistics. All functions with names
EQUAL to the specified name are reported. If Combine is true, then
all blocks with the same source location are combined into a single entry in
the report."
;; DFs = list of (selection-elt . (debug-fun cost first-num))
;; Locs = list of (code-location . (loc-cost max-count))
(collect ((dfs)
(dolist (sel (selection-elements selection))
(dolist (fun (selection-elt-functions sel))
(when (equal (debug-function-name (first fun)) name)
(dfs (cons sel fun)))))
(dolist (df (dfs))
(let* ((num (third (cdr df)))
(sel (car df))
(counts (selection-elt-counts sel))
(costs (dyncount-info-costs (selection-elt-info sel))))
(declare (type index num))
(do-debug-function-blocks (db (first (cdr df)))
(do-debug-block-locations (loc db)
(let* ((cnt (coerce (aref counts num) 'double-float))
(cost (* (- (coerce (aref costs num) 'double-float)
(unless (debug-block-elsewhere-p db)
(assert (member (code-location-kind loc)
'(:block-start :non-local-entry)))
(let ((found (and combine
(assoc loc (locs) :test #'same-source-p))))
(cond (found
(incf (second found) cost)
(setf (third found)
(max (the double-float (third found)) cnt)))
(locs (list loc cost cnt)))))
(incf num))
(let ((locs (stable-sort (locs) #'>= :key #'second)))
(dolist (loc (subseq locs 0 (min (length locs) top-n)))
(format t "~%~,2E cycles, ~[not run, ~;~:; ~:*~D repeats, ~]~
~S:~% "
(second loc)
(truncate (third loc))
(debug-function-name (code-location-debug-function (car loc))))
(debug::print-code-location-source-form (car loc) 0)
;;; GET-SPACE-LIST -- Internal.
(defun get-space-list (spaces clear)
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0))
(inline vm::map-allocated-objects))
(let ((list nil))
(dolist (space spaces)
#'(lambda (object type-code size)
(declare (ignore type-code size))
(when (kernel:code-component-p object)
(let ((info (kernel:code-header-ref object 5))
(j 0)
(sum 0)
(declare (fixnum j))
(when (dyncount-info-p info)
(let* ((debug-info (kernel:code-header-ref object 3))
(map (di::get-debug-info-function-map debug-info)))
(declare (vector map))
(dotimes (i (length map))
(declare (fixnum i))
(let ((e (svref map i)))
(when (c::compiled-debug-function-p e)
(let ((fn (di::make-compiled-debug-function
e object)))
(di:do-debug-function-blocks (blk fn)
(unless (di:debug-block-elsewhere-p blk)
(incf sum
(* (aref (dyncount-info-costs info) j)
(aref (dyncount-info-counts info) j)))
(incf j)))
(let ((a (find (di:debug-function-name fn)
alist :key #'car)))
(cond (a (incf (third a) sum))
(push (list (di:debug-function-name fn)
(setf sum 0)))))))
(when clear
(clear-dyncount-info info)))
(dolist (e alist)
(push e list)))))
;;; GET-STATS -- External.
;;; Returns the cycles of all the functions in the spaces.
(defun get-stats (&key (spaces '(:dynamic)) (clear nil) (top-n 10) (cost 0))
(let ((list (stable-sort (sort (get-space-list spaces clear)
#'> :key #'third) #'string< :key #'second))
(package-name "")
(i 0)
(other 0))
(dolist (e list)
(unless (string= package-name (second e))
(setf package-name (second e))
(when (> other cost)
(format t " ~10:D: Other~&" other))
(setf i 0)
(setf other 0)
(when (> (third e) cost)
(format t "Package: ~A~&" package-name)))
(cond ((< i top-n)
(when (> (third e) cost)
(format t " ~10:D: ~S~&" (third e) (first e))))
(incf other (third e))))
(incf i))
(when (> other cost)
(format t " ~10:D: Other~&" other))))
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