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2/12/92 to 2/18/92

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2/12/92 to 2/18/92
Aliens and the foreign function call interface have been totally
re-designed and re-written. Therefore, anything using aliens will have to
be re-written. Complete docs are forthcomming.
Additional changes are as follows:
The USER package has been renamed COMMON-LISP-USER (with USER as a
nickname) to go along with the LISP->COMMON-LISP rename.
Unix system calls are no longer in the MACH package, but in a new package
named UNIX.
UNIX-DUP now returns the new FD as the first return value instead of the
second to be more consistent with the other system calls.
You can no longer pass UNIX-READ a string (or any other vector). If you
really want to do this, do something like:
(unix:unix-read fd (system:vector-sap string) ...))
Before, if someone interrupted the read, GCed, and then restarted the read,
it would have read into the wrong place.
Fixed FORMAT to print the floating point exponent in decimal irrespective
The initial value of *LOAD-VERBOSE* is now T. Additional, LOAD no longer
always binds *LOAD-VERBOSE* and *LOAD-PRINT-STUFF*. Now it only binds them
when :verbose or :print are explicity supplied. Therefore, you can set
either of these in your init file and it will take effect.
LOAD is less verbose when *LOAD-VERBOSE* is T. Specifically, it just
prints the filename that was loaded (if it can be figured out).
As per ANSI, bind *READTABLE* to itself to make assignments file-local.
Added new variables EXT:*SOURCE-FILE-TYPES* and EXT:*OBJECT-FILE-TYPES*. When
no file type is specified, LOAD tries the types in these lists to locate the
source and object files. LOAD now recognizes source types "l", "cl" and "lsp"
in addition to "lisp".
The compiler OPTIMIZE policy is now bound during load, so proclamations in a
file don't leave the global policy clobbered when the load is finished.
Changed the :IF-SOURCE-NEWER option to signal an error and use restarts, rather
than PROMPT-FOR-Y-OR-N. Fixed the load source case to actually load the
source, rather than loading the object as a source file...
Changed load to deal with source files having NIL type more reasonably.
Added support for wild pathnames in load.
Improved handling of nonexistent files, in particular, don't always assume
that missing files are source files. Added condition restarts for missing
Improved formatting of error and warning messages.
Changed FLONUM-TO-STRING to consider widths < 1 to be 1 to prevent infinite
looping in those cases.
Print the package name instead of NIL when we can't find a package in symbol
reading. Also, read |LISP|::cons as CONS, not |cons|.
Replaces {alloc,realloc,dealloc}ate-system-memory with versions that use
the routines exported by os.c instead of MACH specific vm_allocate.
Changed pointer< and pointer> to sap< and sap>.
Fixed a bug that caused an internal error when a never-referenced function
(e.g. from FLET) had non-local exit code in it.
Fixed spelling of "efficency" in several function names.
Print a error summary even when *compile-verbose* is false. (This is only
printed when there are errors, so this doesn't seem a violation of the spirit
of the spec.)
Removed all RFS authentication stuff from the MH interface, because
kerberose handles it for us now.
2/3/92 to 2/12/92
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