Commit 6ef0b882 authored by ram's avatar ram
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/usr1/lisp/ncode/seq.lisp, 12-Jul-89 13:19:40, Edit by Chiles.

  Moved APPLY-KEY and IDENTITY to list.lisp.
parent 3db84bb9
......@@ -56,20 +56,6 @@
;;; APPLY-KEY saves us a function call sometimes.
;;; This is not in and (eval-when (compile eval) ...
;;; because this is used in Sort.Lisp
(defmacro apply-key (key element)
`(if ,key
(funcall ,key ,element)
(defun identity (thing)
"Returns what was passed to it."
(defun make-sequence-of-type (type length)
"Returns a sequence of the given TYPE and LENGTH."
(declare (fixnum length))
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