Commit 7084f9a6 authored by rtoy's avatar rtoy
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Usability and internal restructuring.

o Add usage message.
o Don't include the emacs-style backup files that are sometimes
  created for the pot files.
parent bf447742
usage() {
echo " [-bgh] [-t gnutar] [-I destdir] version"
echo " -h This help"
echo " -b Use bzip2 compression"
echo " -g Use gzip compression"
echo " -t tar Name/path to GNU tar"
echo " -I destdir Install directly to given directory instead of creating a tarball"
echo ""
echo 'Create a tar ball of the cmucl sources. The tarball is named '
echo 'cmucl-src-$version.tar.bz2 (or gz if using gzip compression)'
while getopts "bgh?t:I:" arg
case $arg in
......@@ -25,10 +37,11 @@ if [ -n "$ENABLE_BZIP" ]; then
GTAR_OPTIONS="--exclude=CVS --exclude='*.pot.~*~'"
if [ -z "$INSTALL_DIR" ]; then
echo " Compressing with $ZIP"
${GTAR:-tar} --exclude=CVS -cf - src | ${ZIP} > cmucl-src-$VERSION.tar.$ZIPEXT
${GTAR:-tar} ${GTAR_OPTIONS} -cf - src | ${ZIP} > cmucl-src-$VERSION.tar.$ZIPEXT
# Install in the specified directory
${GTAR:-tar} --exclude=CVS -cf - src | (cd $INSTALL_DIR; ${GTAR:-tar} xf -)
${GTAR:-tar} ${GTAR_OPTIONS} -cf - src | (cd $INSTALL_DIR; ${GTAR:-tar} xf -)
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