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Fix potential issue with spurious signals when dividing a complex by a

real because the other parts of the register have random junk in
them.  (There are other places where this is a problem.)
parent 447917e4
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
;;; Scott Fahlman or
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/x86/float-sse2.lisp,v 1.4 2008/11/14 20:43:09 rtoy Exp $")
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/x86/float-sse2.lisp,v 1.5 2009/06/13 03:39:20 rtoy Exp $")
;;; **********************************************************************
......@@ -2025,32 +2025,41 @@
(complex-*-float double mulpd unpcklpd 4))
;; Divide a complex by a real
((complex-/-float (float-type fdiv copy cost)
(let* ((vop-name (symbolicate "COMPLEX-" float-type "-FLOAT-/-"
float-type "-FLOAT"))
(complex-sc-type (symbolicate "COMPLEX-" float-type "-REG"))
(real-sc-type (symbolicate float-type "-REG"))
(c-type (symbolicate "COMPLEX-" float-type "-FLOAT"))
(r-type (symbolicate float-type "-FLOAT")))
`(define-vop (,vop-name)
(:args (x :scs (,complex-sc-type)) (y :scs (,real-sc-type)))
(:results (r :scs (,complex-sc-type)))
(:arg-types ,c-type ,r-type)
(:result-types ,c-type)
(:policy :fast-safe)
(:note "inline complex float arithmetic")
(:translate /)
(:temporary (:sc ,complex-sc-type) t0)
(:generator ,cost
(inst movaps t0 y) ; t0 = u|y or u|u|u|y
,copy ; t0 = y|y or y|y|y|y
(unless (location= x r)
(inst movaps r x))
(inst ,fdiv r t0))))))
(complex-/-float single divps (inst shufps t0 t0 0) 4)
(complex-/-float double divpd (inst unpcklpd t0 t0) 4))
(define-vop (complex-double-float-/-double-float)
(:args (x :scs (complex-double-reg)) (y :scs (double-reg)))
(:results (r :scs (complex-double-reg)))
(:arg-types complex-double-float double-float)
(:result-types complex-double-float)
(:policy :fast-safe)
(:note "inline complex float arithmetic")
(:translate /)
(:temporary (:sc complex-double-reg) t0)
(:generator 4
(inst movaps t0 y) ; t0 = u|y
(inst unpcklpd t0 t0) ; t0 = y|y
(unless (location= x r)
(inst movaps r x)) ; r = xi|xr
(inst divpd r t0)))
(define-vop (complex-single-float-/-single-float)
(:args (x :scs (complex-single-reg)) (y :scs (single-reg)))
(:results (r :scs (complex-single-reg)))
(:arg-types complex-single-float single-float)
(:result-types complex-single-float)
(:policy :fast-safe)
(:note "inline complex float arithmetic")
(:translate /)
(:temporary (:sc complex-single-reg) t0 t1)
(:generator 5
;; The upper parts of x may contain junk and dividing that by y
;; may cause spurious signals. Thus, copy the complex number to
;; the high part.
(inst movaps t0 y) ; t0 = u|u|u|y
(inst shufps t0 t0 0) ; t0 = y|y|y|y
(inst movaps t1 x) ; t1 = u|u|xi|xr
(inst movlhps t1 t1) ; t1 = xi|xr|xi|xr
(inst divps t1 t0)
(inst movaps r t1)))
(define-vop (sse3-*/complex-double-float)
(:translate *)
......@@ -2128,10 +2137,10 @@
;; x = a+b*i = b|a
;; y = c+d*i = d|c
;; r = a*c-b*d + i*(a*d+b*c)
(inst movaps t1 y) ; t1 = d|c
(inst movaps t2 y) ; t2 = d|c
(inst shufps t1 t1 #b0000) ; t1 = c|c
(inst shufps t2 t2 #b0101) ; t2 = d|d
(inst movaps t1 y) ; t1 = u|u|d|c
(inst movaps t2 y) ; t2 = u|u|d|c
(inst shufps t1 t1 #b00000000) ; t1 = c|c|c|c
(inst shufps t2 t2 #b01010101) ; t2 = d|d|d|d
(inst mulps t1 x) ; t1 = b*c|a*c
(inst mulps t2 x) ; t2 = b*d|a*d
(inst shufps t2 t2 1) ; t2 = a*d|b*d
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