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Fleshed out 32bit logical interface. Added shift to start and shift to end

routines for new Lisp level bit moving stuff.  Removed deprecated static
parent c96816ed
;;; -*- Package: C; Log: C.Log -*-
;;; -*- Package: RT; Log: C.Log -*-
;;; **********************************************************************
;;; This code was written as part of the Spice Lisp project at
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
;;; Scott Fahlman (FAHLMAN@CMUC).
;;; **********************************************************************
;;; $Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/rt/arith.lisp,v 1.1 1991/02/18 15:07:33 chiles Exp $
;;; $Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/rt/arith.lisp,v 1.2 1991/04/01 13:47:07 chiles Exp $
;;; This file contains the VM definition arithmetic VOPs for the IBM RT.
......@@ -498,31 +498,67 @@
(:generator 1
(inst not r x)))
(define-vop (32bit-logical-nor 32bit-logical)
(:translate 32bit-logical-nor)
(:generator 2
(move r x)
(inst o r y)
(inst not r)))
(define-vop (32bit-logical-and 32bit-logical)
(:translate 32bit-logical-and)
(:generator 1
(move r x)
(inst n r y)))
(deftransform 32bit-logical-nand ((x y) (* *))
'(32bit-logical-not (32bit-logical-and x y)))
(define-vop (32bit-logical-or 32bit-logical)
(:translate 32bit-logical-or)
(:generator 1
(move r x)
(inst o r y)))
(deftransform 32bit-logical-nor ((x y) (* *))
'(32bit-logical-not (32bit-logical-or x y)))
(define-vop (32bit-logical-xor 32bit-logical)
(:translate 32bit-logical-xor)
(:generator 1
(move r x)
(inst x r y)))
(deftransform 32bit-logical-eqv ((x y) (* *))
'(32bit-logical-not (32bit-logical-xor x y)))
(deftransform 32bit-logical-andc1 ((x y) (* *))
'(32bit-logical-and (32bit-logical-not x) y))
(deftransform 32bit-logical-andc2 ((x y) (* *))
'(32bit-logical-and x (32bit-logical-not y)))
(deftransform 32bit-logical-orc1 ((x y) (* *))
'(32bit-logical-or (32bit-logical-not x) y))
(deftransform 32bit-logical-orc2 ((x y) (* *))
'(32bit-logical-or x (32bit-logical-not y)))
(define-vop (shift-towards-someplace)
(:policy :fast-safe)
(:args (num :scs (unsigned-reg))
(amount :scs (signed-reg)))
(:arg-types unsigned-num fixnum)
(:results (r :scs (unsigned-reg)))
(:result-types unsigned-num)
(:policy :fast-safe))
(define-vop (shift-towards-start shift-towards-someplace)
(:translate shift-towards-start)
(:generator 1
(move r num)
(inst sl r amount)))
(define-vop (shift-towards-end shift-towards-someplace)
(:translate shift-towards-end)
(:generator 1
(move r num)
(inst sr r amount)))
;;;; Bignum stuff.
......@@ -830,17 +866,11 @@
(define-static-function two-arg-gcd (x y) :translate gcd)
(define-static-function two-arg-lcm (x y) :translate lcm)
(define-static-function two-arg-+ (x y) :translate +)
(define-static-function two-arg-- (x y) :translate -)
(define-static-function two-arg-* (x y) :translate *)
(define-static-function two-arg-/ (x y) :translate /)
(define-static-function two-arg-< (x y) :translate <)
(define-static-function two-arg-<= (x y) :translate <=)
(define-static-function two-arg-> (x y) :translate >)
(define-static-function two-arg->= (x y) :translate >=)
(define-static-function two-arg-= (x y) :translate =)
(define-static-function two-arg-/= (x y) :translate /=)
(define-static-function %negate (x) :translate %negate)
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