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Changed all macros which ignore the numeric arg to warn if there is one.

Changed all macros to use %READER-ERROR as appropriate.

Changed #+/- to work correctly under *READ-SUPPRESS*.  These macros actually do
the same thing as usual under read-suppress.  However, we have to make sure
that *read-suppress* is nil when reading the feature expression.  Also,
consider feature expressions with package errors to be absent.

Fixed various macros to return NIL rather than the value of *read-suppress*
when *read-suppress* is true.

Fixed #: to use the new READ-EXTENDED-TOKEN return value to detect colons,
rather than just searching (since they might be escaped.)

When *read-suppress* is true and *read-eval* is false, don't signal an error
on #.  When we do error for #., use the correct READER-ERROR.

Changed #r to just bind *read-base* and call read, instead of doing all sorts
of weird stuff to reinvent numeric reading.  Check for illegal radices.

Deleted some dead code once used for #=/##.

Made # a non-terminating read macro character (the only one in standard CL.)
So you can have symbols like foo#3, or whatever.
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