Commit 822fd79a authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy
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Fix ticket:48. Use Carl's idea to use git to insert the appropriate

comment into the compiled file.  If git is not found or if some other
error occurs, the file comment is whatever string was given.

Need to update the file-comments of every file to remove erroneous
dates and revisions.
parent 54f8b219
......@@ -1101,13 +1101,46 @@ in the user USER-INFO slot of STREAM-SOURCE-LOCATIONs.")
(unless (and (= (length form) 2) (stringp (second form)))
(compiler-error _N"Bad FILE-COMMENT form: ~S." form))
(let ((file (first (source-info-current-file *source-info*))))
(cond ((file-info-comment file)
(compiler-warning _N"Ignoring extra file comment:~% ~S." form))
(let ((comment (coerce (second form) 'simple-string)))
(setf (file-info-comment file) comment)
(when *compile-verbose*
(compiler-mumble (intl:gettext "~&; Comment: ~A~2&") comment)))))))
((run-git (path)
(let ((cwd (default-directory))
(new (make-pathname :directory (pathname-directory path))))
;; Cd to the directory containing the file so that
;; git can find the git repo, if available.
(setf (default-directory) new)
;; Run git to get the info. Don't signal any
;; errors if we can't find git and discard any
;; error messages from git. We only use the
;; result if git returns a zero exit code, anyway.
(run-program "git"
(list "log"
"--pretty=format:%h %ai %an"
(namestring path))
:output :stream
:error nil)
(error ()
(setf (default-directory) cwd))))
(generate-comment (file-info)
(let* ((name (pathname (source-info-stream file-info)))
(proc (run-git name)))
(if (and proc (zerop (process-exit-code proc)))
(format nil "$Header: ~A ~A $"
(enough-namestring name)
(read-line (process-output proc)))
(second form)))))
(cond ((file-info-comment file)
(compiler-warning _N"Ignoring extra file comment:~% ~S." form))
(let ((comment (coerce (generate-comment *source-info*)
(setf (file-info-comment file) comment)
(when *compile-verbose*
(compiler-mumble (intl:gettext "~&; Comment: ~A~2&") comment))))))))
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