Commit 87fd9c7c authored by ram's avatar ram
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Fixed TRULY-THE to set the NODE-DERIVED-TYPE only on uses of the CONT that are

within the enclosed form.  This was causing uses of (TRULY-THE NIL ...) in XEPs
to have truly bizarre effects (we "proved" that the XEP calls returned NIL,
wich allowed us to assume that all non-fixed-arg functions return 1 value.)
parent 27cd0eb0
......@@ -2576,10 +2576,12 @@
Like the THE special form, except that it believes whatever you tell it. It
will never generate a type check, but will cause a warning if the compiler
can prove the assertion is wrong."
(let ((type (specifier-type type)))
(let ((type (specifier-type type))
(old (find-uses cont)))
(ir1-convert start cont value)
(do-uses (use cont)
(derive-node-type use type))))
(unless (member use old)
(derive-node-type use type)))))
;;;; Setq
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