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Use C sincos for CIS on linux/x86.

parent 5d7af879
......@@ -309,7 +309,49 @@
#+(or ppc sse2)
(frob %%sin %%cos %%tan))
;; Linux has a sincos function in the C library. Use it. But we need
;; to do pi reduction ourselves because the C library doesn't do
;; accurate reduction.
#+(or (and linux x86))
(declaim (inline %%sincos))
(export '%%sincos)
(alien:def-alien-routine ("sincos" %%sincos) c-call:void
(x double-float)
(sin double-float :out)
(cos double-float :out))
(defun %sincos (theta)
(declare (double-float theta))
;; Accurately reduce theta.
(multiple-value-bind (n y0 y1)
(%ieee754-rem-pi/2 theta)
(multiple-value-bind (ignore s c)
(%%sincos y0)
(declare (ignore ignore))
;; Figure out which quadrant to use, and finish out the
;; computation using y1. This is done by using a 1st-order
;; Taylor expansion about y0.
(flet ((sin2 (s c y)
;; sin(x+y) = sin(x) + cos(x)*y
(+ s (* c y)))
(cos2 (s c y)
;; cos(x+y) = cos(x) - sin(x)*y
(- c (* s y))))
(case (logand n 3)
(values (cos2 s c y1)
(sin2 s c y1)))
(values (- (sin2 s c y1))
(cos2 s c y1)))
(values (- (cos2 s c y1))
(- (sin2 s c y1))))
(values (sin2 s c y1)
(- (cos2 s c y1)))))))))
;;;; Power functions.
......@@ -964,7 +1006,24 @@
"Return cos(Theta) + i sin(Theta), AKA exp(i Theta)."
(if (complexp theta)
(error (intl:gettext "Argument to CIS is complex: ~S") theta)
(complex (cos theta) (sin theta))))
#-(or (and linux x86))
(complex (cos theta) (sin theta))
#+(or (and linux x86))
(number-dispatch ((theta real))
(let ((arg (coerce theta 'double-float)))
(multiple-value-bind (s c)
(%sincos arg)
(complex (coerce s 'single-float)
(coerce c 'single-float)))))
(((foreach single-float double-float))
(multiple-value-bind (s c)
(%sincos (coerce theta 'double-float))
(complex (coerce s '(dispatch-type theta))
(coerce c '(dispatch-type theta)))))
(complex (cos theta) (sin theta))))))
(defun asin (number)
"Return the arc sine of NUMBER."
......@@ -731,6 +731,30 @@
(deftransform name ((x) '(double-float) rtype :eval-name t :when :both)
`(,prim x))))
#+(or (and linux x86))
(defknown (kernel::%sincos)
(double-float) (values double-float double-float)
(movable foldable flushable))
(deftransform cis ((x) (single-float) * :when :both)
`(multiple-value-bind (s c)
(kernel::%sincos (coerce x 'double-float))
(complex (coerce s 'single-float)
(coerce c 'single-float))))
(deftransform cis ((x) (double-float) * :when :both)
`(multiple-value-bind (ignore s c)
(kernel::%%sincos x)
(declare (ignore ignore))
(complex s c)))
(deftransform cis ((z) (double-double-float) *)
;; Cis.
'(complex (cos z) (sin z)))
;;; The argument range is limited on the x86 FP trig. functions. A
;;; post-test can detect a failure (and load a suitable result), but
;;; this test is avoided if possible.
......@@ -1777,6 +1801,7 @@
(deftransform * ((z w) (,real-type (complex ,type)) *)
;; Real * complex
'(complex (* z (realpart w)) (* z (imagpart w))))
#-(or (and linux x86))
(deftransform cis ((z) ((,type)) *)
;; Cis.
'(complex (cos z) (sin z)))
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