Commit 88fb77b7 authored by ram's avatar ram
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Changed LTN-DEFAULT-CALL to clear NODE-TAIL-P if there is an IR2-CONVERT

parent d5f541ce
......@@ -197,21 +197,25 @@
;;; Set up stuff to do a full call for Call. We assume that that
;;; IR2-Continuation structures have already been assigned to the args. We set
;;; the kind to :FULL or :FUNNY, depending on whether there is an IR2-CONVERT
;;; method.
;;; method. If a funny function, then we inhibit tail recursion, since the IR2
;;; convert method is going to want to deliver values normally.
(defun ltn-default-call (call policy)
(declare (type combination call) (type policies policy))
(let ((kind (basic-combination-kind call)))
(setf (basic-combination-info call)
(if (and (function-info-p kind)
(function-info-ir2-convert kind))
:funny :full)))
(annotate-function-continuation (basic-combination-fun call) policy)
(dolist (arg (basic-combination-args call))
(annotate-full-call-continuation arg))
(flush-full-call-tail-transfer call)
(let ((kind (basic-combination-kind call)))
(cond ((and (function-info-p kind)
(function-info-ir2-convert kind))
(setf (basic-combination-info call) :funny)
(setf (node-tail-p call) nil))
(setf (basic-combination-info call) :full)
(flush-full-call-tail-transfer call))))
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