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Like, more examples.

parent b7054f95
......@@ -17,3 +17,29 @@
(declare (fixnum x))
(foo x)))
(defun f+ (x y)
(declare (single-float x y))
(+ x y))
(defun if-f+ (x y)
(declare (single-float x y))
(+ (if (yow) (zunk) x) y))
(defun cf+ (x y)
(declare (single-float x y))
(cons (+ x y) t))
(defun set-flo (x)
(declare (single-float x))
(prog ((var 0.0))
(setq var (gorp))
(setq var x)
(return var)))
(defun if-cf+ (x y)
(declare (single-float x y))
(cons (if (grue) (+ x y) (snoc)) t))
(defun zf+ (x y)
(declare (single-float x y))
(zork (+ x y)))
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