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Merge branch 'issue-69-compile-in-gc-assert' into 'master'

Fix #69: Always compile in GC assertion code

Closes #69

See merge request !41
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......@@ -1566,6 +1566,10 @@
;; gencgc features
;; run-program
......@@ -22,7 +22,9 @@
*bytes-consed-between-gcs* *gc-verbose* *gc-inhibit-hook*
*gc-notify-before* *gc-notify-after* get-bytes-consed
*gc-run-time* bytes-consed-between-gcs
(in-package "LISP")
(export '(room))
......@@ -72,10 +74,63 @@
(alien:def-alien-routine get_bytes_allocated_lower c-call:int)
(alien:def-alien-routine get_bytes_allocated_upper c-call:int)
(defun dynamic-usage ()
(get_bytes_allocated_upper) (get_bytes_allocated_lower))))
(get_bytes_allocated_upper) (get_bytes_allocated_lower)))
;; Controls GC assertions that are enabled in the runtime. A value
;; of 0 disables all assertions (the normal default).
(alien:def-alien-variable ("gc_assert_level" gc-assert-level) c-call:int)
(alien:def-alien-variable ("verify_after_free_heap" gc-verify-after-free-heap) c-call:int)
(alien:def-alien-variable ("pre_verify_gen_0" gc-verify-new-objects) c-call:int)
(alien:def-alien-variable ("verify_gens" gc-verify-generations) c-call:int)
(defun get-gc-assertions ()
"Returns a list of the current GC assertion settings. The list is
in the same format as the keyword arguments to SET-GC-ASSERTIONS,
(apply #'set-gc-assertions (get-gc-assertions))
See SET-GC-ASSERTIONS for more information."
(list :assert-level gc-assert-level
:verify-after-free-heap (not (zerop gc-verify-after-free-heap))
:verify-generations gc-verify-generations
:verify-new-objects (not (zerop gc-verify-new-objects))))
(defun set-gc-assertions (&key (assert-level 0 assert-level-p)
(verify-after-free-heap nil verify-after-free-heap-p)
(verify-generations 6 verify-generations-p)
(verify-new-objects nil verify-new-objects-p))
"Set GC assertion to the specified value:
Defaults to 0, higher values indicate more assertions are enabled.
If non-NIL, the heap is verified for consistency whenever
part of the heap is collected.
Set to generation number. When GC occurs, generations
equal to or higher than this value are checked for
When GC occurs for the newest generation, the heap for this
generation is checked for validity.
(declare (type (and fixnum unsigned-byte) assert-level)
(type boolean verify-after-free-heap)
(type (integer 0 6) verify-generations)
(type boolean verify-new-objects))
(when assert-level-p
(setf gc-assert-level assert-level))
(when verify-after-free-heap-p
(setf gc-verify-after-free-heap (if verify-after-free-heap 1 0)))
(when verify-generations-p
(setf gc-verify-generations verify-generations))
(when verify-new-objects-p
(setf gc-verify-new-objects (if verify-new-objects 1 0)))
(c-var-frob dynamic-usage "bytes_allocated")
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