Commit 9ffd0212 authored by ram's avatar ram
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Fixed typo.

parent 05751ccd
......@@ -168,9 +168,9 @@
(let ((nblocks (ir2-block-count component)))
(dolist (sb *sb-list*)
(unless (eq (sb-kind sb) :non-packed)
(let ((conflicts (finite-sb-conflicts sb))
(always-live (finite-sb-always-live sb))
(max-locs (length conflicts)))
(let* ((conflicts (finite-sb-conflicts sb))
(always-live (finite-sb-always-live sb))
(max-locs (length conflicts)))
(unless (zerop max-locs)
(let ((current-size (length (svref conflicts 0))))
(when (> nblocks current-size)
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