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......@@ -143,13 +143,13 @@ Functions/macros for your enjoyment:
(*standard-output* *debug-io*))
"Show a listing of the call stack going down from the current frame. Frames
is how many frames to show."
(do ((callee (%primitive current-cont)
(stack-ref callee c::old-cont-save-offset))
(do ((callee (%primitive current-fp)
(stack-ref callee c::old-fp-save-offset))
(n 0 (1+ n)))
((or (not (cstack-pointer-valid-p callee))
(>= n frames))
(let* ((caller (stack-ref callee c::old-cont-save-offset))
(let* ((caller (stack-ref callee c::old-fp-save-offset))
(pc (stack-ref callee c::return-pc-save-offset)))
(unless (cstack-pointer-valid-p caller)
(return (values)))
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ Functions/macros for your enjoyment:
(escape-reg caller c::call-name-offset))
(setq callee
(escape-reg caller c::old-cont-offset))))
(escape-reg caller c::old-fp-offset))))
((valid-env-p env)
(format t "~%<escape frame> ")
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ Functions/macros for your enjoyment:
(escape-reg caller c::return-pc-offset))
(setq callee
(stack-ref callee c::old-cont-save-offset))))
(stack-ref callee c::old-fp-save-offset))))
(error "Escaping frame ENV invalid?")))))
((valid-env-p env)
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