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Merge branch 'rtoy-issue-79-autoload-asdf' into 'master'

Fix #79:  Autoload ASDF in REQUIRE

Closes #79

See merge request !46
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......@@ -102,6 +102,11 @@
\"contrib-games-feebs\", \"contrib-hist\", \"contrib-psgraph\",
\"contrib-ops\", \"contrib-embedded-c\", \"contrib-sprof\", and
\"contrib-packed-sse2\". "
;; First, load asdf if it's not already loaded. This is needed to
;; load easily the contribs that use asdf. There are no contribs
;; that use defsystem, so we won't autoload defsystem.
(unless (featurep :asdf)
(load "modules:asdf/asdf"))
(let ((saved-modules (copy-list *modules*))
(module-name (module-name-string module-name)))
(unless (member module-name *modules* :test #'string=)
......@@ -22,12 +22,13 @@ public domain.
* Building with gcc8 or later doesn't work with the default -O option. Use -O1 instead. This shouldn't really impact overall speed much.
* Added simple support to compile with clang instead, which works. (Use x86_linux_clang).
* Feature enhancements
* Update to ASDF 3.3.4
* Changes
* Update to ASDF 3.3.4
* ANSI compliance fixes:
* Bug fixes:
* Gitlab tickets:
* ~~#73~~ Update clx from upstream clx
* ~~#79~~ Autoload ASDF when calling `REQUIRE` the first time. User's no longer have to explicitly load ASDF anymore.
* Other changes:
* Improvements to the PCL implementation of CLOS:
* Changes to building procedure:
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