Commit b31ef5c0 authored by rtoy's avatar rtoy
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Update script to support SSE2 builds. (Basically copied from the sse2

bootstrap file.)
parent fae00663
......@@ -69,9 +69,13 @@
(load "vm:primtype")
(load "vm:move")
(load "vm:sap")
(when (target-featurep :sse2)
(load "vm:sse2-sap"))
(load "vm:system")
(load "vm:char")
(load "vm:float")
(if (target-featurep :sse2)
(load "vm:float-sse2")
(load "vm:float"))
(load "vm:memory")
(load "vm:static-fn")
......@@ -80,11 +84,18 @@
(load "vm:subprim")
(load "vm:debug")
(load "vm:c-call")
(when (target-featurep :sse2)
(load "vm:sse2-c-call"))
(load "vm:print")
(load "vm:alloc")
(load "vm:call")
(load "vm:nlx")
(load "vm:values")
;; These need to be loaded before array because array wants to use
;; some vops as templates.
(load (if (target-featurep :sse2)
(load "vm:array")
(load "vm:pred")
(load "vm:type-vops")
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