Commit be268cdf authored by ram's avatar ram
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Made TAIL-P be cleared in all nodes that aren't TR calls.

Moved computation of the VALUES-GENERATORS to stack.
parent 72e36c9e
......@@ -357,6 +357,7 @@
(declare (type mv-combination call)
(type policies policy))
(setf (basic-combination-kind call) :local)
(setf (node-tail-p call) nil)
(first (basic-combination-args call)) policy
(mapcar #'(lambda (var)
......@@ -392,7 +393,8 @@
(cond ((eq (continuation-function-name fun) '%throw)
(setf (basic-combination-info call) :funny)
(annotate-ordinary-continuation (first args) policy)
(annotate-unknown-values-continuation (second args) policy))
(annotate-unknown-values-continuation (second args) policy)
(setf (node-tail-p call) nil))
(setf (basic-combination-info call) :full)
(annotate-function-continuation (basic-combination-fun call)
......@@ -435,6 +437,7 @@
(defun ltn-analyze-set (node policy)
(declare (type cset node) (type policies policy))
(setf (node-tail-p node) nil)
(annotate-ordinary-continuation (set-value node) policy)
......@@ -450,6 +453,7 @@
(defun ltn-analyze-if (node policy)
(declare (type cif node) (type policies policy))
(setf (node-tail-p node) nil)
(let* ((test (if-test node))
(use (continuation-use test)))
(unless (and (combination-p use)
......@@ -467,6 +471,7 @@
;;; degenerate by this point.
(defun ltn-analyze-exit (node policy)
(setf (node-tail-p node) nil)
(let ((value (exit-value node)))
(when value
(annotate-unknown-values-continuation value policy)))
......@@ -486,6 +491,7 @@
(defoptimizer (%unwind-protect ltn-annotate) ((escape cleanup) node policy)
policy ; Ignore...
(setf (basic-combination-info node) :funny)
(setf (node-tail-p node) nil)
......@@ -502,10 +508,12 @@
(defoptimizer (%slot-accessor ltn-annotate) ((struct) node policy)
(setf (basic-combination-info node) :funny)
(setf (node-tail-p node) nil)
(annotate-ordinary-continuation struct policy))
(defoptimizer (%slot-setter ltn-annotate) ((struct value) node policy)
(setf (basic-combination-info node) :funny)
(setf (node-tail-p node) nil)
(annotate-ordinary-continuation struct policy)
(annotate-ordinary-continuation value policy))
......@@ -834,6 +842,7 @@
(ltn-default-call call policy)
(return-from ltn-analyze-known-call (undefined-value)))
(setf (basic-combination-info call) template)
(setf (node-tail-p call) nil)
(flush-type-checks-according-to-policy call policy template)
......@@ -906,9 +915,7 @@
;;; If any unknown-values continations are received by this block (as
;;; indicated by IR2-Block-Popped, then we add the block to the
;;; IR2-Component-Values-Receivers. We also look at each use of the popped
;;; continuations, adding the use block to the Generators. Uses by Exit nodes
;;; are ignored, since they correspond to non-local exits.
;;; IR2-Component-Values-Receivers.
;;; This is where we allocate IR2 blocks because it is the first place we
;;; need them.
......@@ -923,16 +930,9 @@
(let ((2block (make-ir2-block block)))
(setf (block-info block) 2block)
(let ((popped (ir2-block-popped 2block)))
(when popped
(push block (ir2-component-values-receivers 2comp))
(dolist (pop popped)
(do-uses (use pop)
(unless (exit-p use)
(pushnew (node-block use)
(ir2-component-values-generators 2comp))))))))))
(push block (ir2-component-values-receivers 2comp)))))))
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