Commit bf84dbc8 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Add dd-%sincos and use it as needed instead of calling sin and cos

parent 2e3e48d4
......@@ -1191,6 +1191,29 @@ pi/4 11001001000011111101101010100010001000010110100011000 010001101001100010
(dd-%%tan reduced)
(- (/ (dd-%%tan reduced))))))))
(defun dd-%sincos (x)
(declare (double-double-float x))
(cond ((< (abs x) (/ pi 4))
(values (dd-%%sin x)
(dd-%%cos x)))
;; Argument reduction needed
(multiple-value-bind (n reduced)
(reduce-arg x)
(case (logand n 3)
(values (dd-%%sin reduced)
(dd-%%cos reduced)))
(values (dd-%%cos reduced)
(- (dd-%%sin reduced))))
(values (- (dd-%%sin reduced))
(- (dd-%%cos reduced))))
(values (- (dd-%%cos reduced))
(dd-%%sin reduced))))))))
;;; dd-%log2
;;; Base 2 logarithm.
......@@ -1298,7 +1298,9 @@
(coerce s '(dispatch-type theta)))))
(complex (cos theta) (sin theta))))))
(multiple-value-bind (s c)
(dd-%sincos theta)
(complex c s))))))
(defun asin (number)
"Return the arc sine of NUMBER."
......@@ -748,8 +748,9 @@
(deftransform cis ((z) (double-double-float) *)
;; Cis.
'(complex (cos z) (sin z)))
`(multiple-value-bind (s c)
(kernel::dd-%sincos x)
(complex c s)))
;;; The argument range is limited on the x86 FP trig. functions. A
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