Commit c749b537 authored by wlott's avatar wlott
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Use cas to add two registers, not cal. Fixed sxhash routines to work.

parent 4c143708
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
;;; Lisp, please contact Scott Fahlman (Scott.Fahlman@CS.CMU.EDU)
;;; **********************************************************************
;;; $Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/assembly/rt/array.lisp,v 1.1 1991/02/18 15:43:32 chiles Exp $
;;; $Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/assembly/rt/array.lisp,v 1.2 1991/04/07 15:13:47 wlott Exp $
;;; This file contains the support routines for arrays and vectors.
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
(inst cal vector alloc vm:other-pointer-type)
(inst cal alloc alloc (+ (1- (ash 1 vm:lowtag-bits))
(* vm:vector-data-offset vm:word-bytes)))
(inst cal alloc alloc words)
(inst cas alloc alloc words)
(inst li ndescr (lognot vm:lowtag-mask))
(inst n alloc ndescr)
(move ndescr type)
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
(:temp accum non-descriptor-reg nl0-offset)
(:temp data non-descriptor-reg nargs-offset)
(:temp temp non-descriptor-reg ocfp-offset))
(declare (ignore result accum data temp offset))
(declare (ignore result accum data temp))
(inst b sxhash-simple-substring-entry)
(loadw length string vm:vector-length-slot vm:other-pointer-type))
......@@ -79,14 +79,16 @@
(:temp temp non-descriptor-reg ocfp-offset)
(:temp lip interior-reg lip-offset))
(emit-label sxhash-simple-substring-entry)
;; Get a stack slot and save the contents of NFP.
;; Get a stack slot to save the return-pc.
(inst inc csp-tn word-bytes)
(storew nfp-tn csp-tn (* -1 word-bytes))
;; Save the return-pc in NFP as a byte offset from the component start.
(move nfp-tn lip)
(inst s nfp-tn code-tn)
;; Save the return-pc as a byte offset from the component start, shifted
;; left to look like a fixnum.
(inst s lip code-tn)
(inst sl lip 2)
(storew lip csp-tn (* -1 word-bytes))
;; Compute start of string as interior pointer.
(inst a lip string (- (* vector-data-offset word-bytes) other-pointer-type))
(inst b test)
(inst bx test)
(inst li accum 0)
(inst x accum data)
......@@ -97,7 +99,7 @@
(inst inc lip 4)
(inst s length (fixnum 4))
(inst bnc :lt loop)
(inst bncx :lt loop)
(loadw data lip)
(inst a length (fixnum 4))
(inst bc :eq done)
......@@ -106,9 +108,13 @@
(inst sr data length)
(inst x accum data)
(inst sl result accum 5)
(inst sr result result 3)
(move code-tn lip)
(inst a lip nfp-tn)
(loadw nft-tn csp-tn (* -1 word-bytes))
(inst dec csp-tn word-bytes))
;; Give it fixnum low-tag bits.
(inst sl accum 3)
(move result accum)
;; Make it positive.
(inst sr result 1)
(loadw lip csp-tn (* -1 word-bytes))
(inst dec csp-tn word-bytes)
(inst sr lip 2)
(inst cas lip lip code-tn))
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