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Minor corrections for the usage message.

parent 6ee63330
......@@ -75,12 +75,12 @@ usage ()
echo ' -b d The different build directories are named ${d}-2, ${d}-3 ${d}-4'
echo ' If -b is not given, a suitable name based on the OS is used.'
echo ' -v v Use the given string as the version. Default is'
echo " today's date"
echo " based on git describe"
echo " -u Don't build CLX, CLM, or Hemlock"
echo ' -i n Make build "n" interactive, so output is sent to *standard-output*'
echo ' instead of the log file. "n" should be a string consisting of'
echo ' the numbers 1, 2, or 3.'
echo " -B file Use file as a boot file. Maybe be specified more than once"
echo " -B file Use file as a boot file. May be be specified more than once"
echo " The file is relative to the bootfiles/<version> directory"
echo ' -C [l m] Create the build directories. The args are what'
echo ' you would give to for the lisp'
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