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Update to asdf to get one fix for cmucl.

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......@@ -84,7 +84,6 @@ {list-style: none}
<a name="SEC_Contents"></a>
<h2 class="contents-heading">Table of Contents</h2>
......@@ -275,7 +274,7 @@ {list-style: none}
<a name="Top"></a>
<a name="ASDF_003a-Another-System-Definition-Facility"></a>
<h1 class="top">ASDF: Another System Definition Facility</h1>
<p>Manual for Version 3.1.6
<p>Manual for Version
<p>This manual describes ASDF, a system definition facility
......@@ -1263,7 +1262,7 @@ simple-component-name := string
pathname-specifier := pathname | string | symbol
method-form := (operation-name qual lambda-list &amp;rest body)
qual := method qualifier
qual := method qualifier?
component-dep-fail-option := :fail | :try-next | :ignore
......@@ -1787,6 +1786,7 @@ whereas earlier versions ignore this option and use the <code>system-source-dire
where the <samp>.asd</samp> file resides.
<a name="The-object-model-of-ASDF"></a>
<a name="The-Object-model-of-ASDF"></a>
......@@ -1799,7 +1799,7 @@ Both a system&rsquo;s structure and the operations that can be performed on syst
follow a extensible protocol, allowing programmers to add new behaviours to ASDF.
For example, <code>cffi</code> adds support for special FFI description files
that interface with C libraries and for wrapper files that embed C code in Lisp.
<code>abcl-jar</code> supports creating Java JAR archives in ABCL.
<code>asdf-jar</code> supports creating Java JAR archives in ABCL.
<code>poiu</code> supports compiling code in parallel using background processes.
<p>The key classes in ASDF are <code>component</code> and <code>operation</code>.
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