Commit d5f541ce authored by ram's avatar ram
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Changed ESCAPE-ROUTINE to explicitly handle 4 arg calls, with the 4'th argument

coming in in A3.
parent efe0a9b5
......@@ -444,7 +444,7 @@
;;; Call the function that is the definition of the symbol at the specifed
;;; offset, passing Nargs arguments. The arguments should already be set up in
;;; A0..A2. The function must take no more than 3 arguments and return no more
;;; A0..A3. The function must take no more than 4 arguments and return no more
;;; than 3 values. We make an "escape frame" and save the entire register set
;;; in it. If the called function returns, we restore the saved registers
;;; *except* for A<N> and NL<N>. This is so that we return the values returned
......@@ -453,6 +453,8 @@
;;; the benefit of the debugger.
(defmacro escape-routine (symbol-offset nargs)
(unless (<= 0 nargs 4)
(error "Losing NARGS: ~D." nargs))
`((cal SP SP (* 4 %escape-frame-size)) ; Allocate frame
;; Clear type bits in unboxed registers so that GC doesn't gag. If these
;; hold user fixnum or string-char variables, then this won't destroy the
......@@ -486,6 +488,12 @@
(cas PC PC NL1)
(lr OLD-CONT CONT) ; OLD-CONT gets escape frame.
(lr CONT SP) ; So escape frame doesn't get overwritten.
;; If 4 args, set up arg frame.
,@(when (= nargs 4)
'((cal SP SP (* 4 4))
(storew A3 SP -4)))
;; Call, giving this miscop as return PC for escape frame.
(balrx PC PC)
(lis NARGS ,nargs) ; Load argument count
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