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2/3/92 to 2/12/92

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2/3/92 to 2/12/92
Several changes to the reader. Specifically:
- READTABLE-CASE is now supported.
- Several bugs with respect to #+, #-, #n=, and #n# have been fixed.
- The reader now signals the correct type of error when things go wrong
instead of always signaling a simple-error.
- Export new variable *ignore-extra-close-parentheses* if true (the
default), extra close parens are only a warning, not an error. They used
to be quietly ignored.
- # is now a non-terminating macro character, so foo#bar is read as a
- Added Ted's changes to make INTERNAL-READ-EXTENDED-TOKEN work when there
are `|' escapes. The main significance of this is that #+nil '|foo;bar|
and #:|foobar| now work properly. Also change this function to recognize
unquoted colons so that #:foo:bar will error, but not #:foo\:bar.
Print unbound-markers to the correct stream instead of always printing them
to *standard-output*.
Fixed (typep x '(and ...)) to not always return NIL.
When restarting a core, process the command line before printing the herald
so that we can eval some form and quit without printing anything.
The ``LISP'' package has been renamed ``COMMON-LISP'' with the nicknames
``LISP'' and ``CL.''
Don't look at the LAMBDA-TAIL-SET of deleted functions to find out the result
type, because there isn't any.
Changed LET* and &AUX to allow duplicate variable names.
Properly qualify kernel::*values-specifier-type-cache-vector* in BOUNDP check
in %NOTE-TYPE-DEFINED. We were never clearing the cache.
More tweaking of arithmetic identities. (* x 0) transform is also
rational-specific. Include CONSTANT-ARGUMENT in various arg type restrictions
so that we don't get silly efficiency notes.
Changed multiplier recoding to left-associate the sum so that we are less
likely to run out of non-descriptor registers.
1/26/92 to 2/3/92
Fixed filename parsing to correctly handle "/foo".
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