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Don't reverse surrogate pairs in strings; it's not allowed by the

parent 59c50055
......@@ -1177,18 +1177,7 @@
(src-index start (1+ src-index)))
((minusp dst-index))
(declare (fixnum src-index dst-index))
(let ((current-char (schar sequence src-index)))
(cond ((and (lisp::surrogatep current-char :leading)
(plusp dst-index))
;; Reverse surrogate pairs correctly, which means the
;; pair isn't reversed at all.
(incf src-index)
(setf (schar r dst-index) (schar sequence src-index))
(decf dst-index)
(setf (schar r dst-index) current-char))
;; Easy case
(setf (schar r dst-index) current-char)))))
(setf (schar r dst-index) (schar sequence src-index)))
......@@ -1196,16 +1185,15 @@
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (space 0) (safety 0))
(type string sequence))
(with-string sequence
(flet ((rev (start end)
(do ((i start (1+ i))
(j (1- end) (1- j)))
((>= i j))
(declare (type kernel:index i j))
(rotatef (schar sequence i) (schar sequence j)))))
(let ((len end))
(loop for i = start then n as n = (%glyph-f sequence i) do
(rev i n) while (< n len))
(rev start end))))
(let ((length (- end start)))
(declare (fixnum length))
(do ((left-index 0 (1+ left-index))
(right-index (1- length) (1- right-index))
(half-length (truncate length 2)))
((= left-index half-length) sequence)
(declare (fixnum left-index right-index half-length))
(rotatef (aref sequence left-index)
(aref sequence right-index)))))
......@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ New in this release:
* Fix error in (format t "~ve" 21 5d-324). (See ticket #80).
* String reverse is much faster (upto 20 times)
* REVERSE and NREVERSE on strings will reverse surrogate pairs.
(Previously, surrogate pairs weren't reversed.)
* Trac Tickets:
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