Commit db374f49 authored by Carl Shapiro's avatar Carl Shapiro
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Use the faster imul instruction in the fast-*/unsigned=>unsigned vop.

parent dcaac995
......@@ -426,24 +426,16 @@
(define-vop (fast-*/unsigned=>unsigned fast-safe-arith-op)
(:translate *)
(:args (x :scs (unsigned-reg) :target eax)
(:args (x :scs (unsigned-reg) :target r)
(y :scs (unsigned-reg unsigned-stack)))
(:arg-types unsigned-num unsigned-num)
(:temporary (:sc unsigned-reg :offset eax-offset :target result
:from (:argument 0) :to :result) eax)
(:temporary (:sc unsigned-reg :offset edx-offset
:from :eval :to :result) edx)
(:ignore edx)
(:results (result :scs (unsigned-reg)))
(:results (r :scs (unsigned-reg) :from (:argument 0)))
(:result-types unsigned-num)
(:note _N"inline (unsigned-byte 32) arithmetic")
(:vop-var vop)
(:save-p :compute-only)
(:generator 6
(move eax x)
(inst mul eax y)
(move result eax)))
(:generator 5
(move r x)
(inst imul r y)))
(define-vop (fast-truncate/fixnum=>fixnum fast-safe-arith-op)
(:translate truncate)
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