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Ticket #22

o If lisp variant is solaris using Sun C, setup default motif config
  to use Sun C too.

o New config file for building motifd using Sun C.
parent ae7e9d7b
# -DSVR4 is needed for X and for Solaris.
# The motif includes are in /usr/dt/include
# The Motif libraries are in /lib and /usr/dt/lib
CFLAGS = -O -DSVR4 -I. -I/usr/dt/include -I/usr/openwin/include
LDFLAGS = -L/usr/dt/lib -R/usr/dt/lib -L/usr/openwin/lib -R/usr/openwin/lib
LIBS = -lXm -lXt -lX11 -lsocket -lnsl -lgen
CC = cc
# This def assumes you are building in the same or parallel
# tree to the CVS souce layout. Sites may need to customize
# this path.
VPATH = ../../../src/motif/server/
......@@ -70,7 +70,8 @@ if [ "$MOTIF_VARIANT" = "" ]; then
*_darwin) MOTIF_VARIANT=Darwin ;;
sun4_solaris*|sparc*) MOTIF_VARIANT=solaris ;;
sun4_solaris_gcc|sparc_gcc) MOTIF_VARIANT=solaris ;;
sun4_solaris_sunc|sparc_sunc) MOTIF_VARIANT=solaris_sunc ;;
sun4c*) MOTIF_VARIANT=sun4c_411 ;;
hp700*) MOTIF_VARIANT=hpux_cc ;;
pmax_mach) MOTIF_VARIANT=pmax_mach ;;
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