Commit e39ba9e6 authored by ram's avatar ram
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Added explicit context declaration patter to safely compile %PUTHASH and a few

other setf inverses that have silly names.
parent d5bded51
......@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@
:optimize-interface '(optimize-interface (safety #-small 2 #+small 1)
(debug-info .5))
'(((:or :external (:and (:match "%") (:match "SET")))
'(((:or :external (:and (:match "%") (:match "SET"))
(:member lisp::%put lisp::%rplaca lisp::%rplacd lisp::%puthash))
(declare (optimize-interface (safety 2) (debug-info 1))
(optimize (debug-info 1))))
((:or (:and :external :macro)
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