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If any top-level vars are closed over, and *byte-compile* is :maybe, then

choose native compilation for everything.  This ensures that we won't reference
a native closure in a byte-compiled top-level form, or vice-versa.
parent 197eb32a
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
;;; Scott Fahlman or
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/main.lisp,v 1.85 1993/05/12 11:30:52 ram Exp $")
"$Header: /Volumes/share2/src/cmucl/cvs2git/cvsroot/src/compiler/main.lisp,v 1.86 1993/05/13 11:37:13 ram Exp $")
;;; **********************************************************************
......@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@
;;; Exported:
(defvar *byte-compile-top-level* t
"Similar to *BYTE-COMPILE-DEFAULT*, but controls the compilation of top-level
forms (evaluated at load-time.) If T, byte-compile top-level forms (unless
:BYTE-COMPILE nil was specified.")
forms (evaluated at load-time) when the :BYTE-COMPILE argument is :MAYBE
(the default.) When true, we decide to byte-compile.")
;;; Value of the :byte-compile argument to the compiler.
(defvar *byte-compile* :maybe)
......@@ -1311,7 +1311,9 @@
(multiple-value-bind (component tll)
(merge-top-level-lambdas pending)
(setq *pending-top-level-lambdas* ())
(let ((*byte-compile* (and *byte-compile* *byte-compile-top-level*)))
(let ((*byte-compile* (if (eq *byte-compile* :maybe)
(compile-component component))
(clear-ir1-info component)
(object-call-top-level-lambda tll))))
......@@ -1379,12 +1381,17 @@
(check-ir1-consistency *all-components*))
(dolist (component (append hairy-top top-components))
(pre-environment-analyze-top-level component))
(dolist (component components)
(compile-component component)
(when (replace-top-level-xeps component)
(when (pre-environment-analyze-top-level component)
(setq top-level-closure t)))
(let ((*byte-compile*
(if (and top-level-closure (eq *byte-compile* :maybe))
(dolist (component components)
(compile-component component)
(when (replace-top-level-xeps component)
(setq top-level-closure t))))
(when *check-consistency*
(maybe-mumble "[Check]~%")
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