Commit e91f5caa authored by ram's avatar ram
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Added stuff to check for spilled TNs so that the debugger knows they

aren't really there.
Also, added declarations and stuff to avoid generic arith.
And fixed up the debug-info policy handling a bit so that this quality
works reasonably as a local declaration.
parent 06645b79
......@@ -71,18 +71,24 @@
;;; compute a bit-vector representing the set of live variables. If the TN is
;;; environment-live, we only mark it as live when it is in scope at Node.
(defun compute-live-vars (live node block var-locs)
(defun compute-live-vars (live node block var-locs vop)
(declare (type ir2-block block) (type local-tn-bit-vector live)
(type hash-table var-locs) (type node node))
(type hash-table var-locs) (type node node)
(type (or vop null) vop))
(let ((res (make-array (logandc2 (+ (hash-table-count var-locs) 7) 7)
:element-type 'bit
:initial-element 0)))
:initial-element 0))
(spilled (gethash vop
(component-info *compile-component*)))))
(do-live-tns (tn live block)
(let ((leaf (tn-leaf tn)))
(when (and (lambda-var-p leaf)
(or (not (member (tn-kind tn)
'(:environment :debug-environment)))
(rassoc leaf (lexenv-variables (node-lexenv node)))))
(rassoc leaf (lexenv-variables (node-lexenv node))))
(or (null spilled)
(not (member tn spilled))))
(let ((num (gethash leaf var-locs)))
(when num
(setf (sbit res num) 1))))))
......@@ -92,17 +98,19 @@
;;; The PC for the location most recently dumped.
(defvar *previous-location*)
(proclaim '(type index *previous-location*))
;;; DUMP-1-LOCATION -- Internal
;;; Dump a compiled debug-location into *BYTE-BUFFER* that describes the
;;; code/source map and live info.
;;; code/source map and live info. If true, VOP is the VOP associated with
;;; this location, for use in determining whether TNs are spilled.
(defun dump-1-location (node block kind tlf-num label live var-locs)
(defun dump-1-location (node block kind tlf-num label live var-locs vop)
(declare (type node node) (type ir2-block block)
(type local-tn-bit-vector live) (type label label)
(type location-kind kind) (type (or index null) tlf-num)
(type hash-table var-locs))
(type hash-table var-locs) (type (or vop null) vop))
(dpb (position kind compiled-code-location-kinds)
......@@ -119,7 +127,7 @@
(write-var-integer (source-path-tlf-number path) *byte-buffer*))
(write-var-integer (source-path-form-number path) *byte-buffer*))
(write-packed-bit-vector (compute-live-vars live node block var-locs)
(write-packed-bit-vector (compute-live-vars live node block var-locs vop)
......@@ -140,7 +148,8 @@
(location-info-label loc)
(vop-save-set vop)
......@@ -153,6 +162,7 @@
(declare (type clambda fun))
(let ((res (source-path-tlf-number (node-source-path (lambda-bind fun))))
(num 0))
(declare (type index num) (type (or index null) res))
(do-environment-ir2-blocks (2block (lambda-environment fun))
(let ((block (ir2-block-block 2block)))
(when (eq (block-info block) 2block)
......@@ -186,7 +196,8 @@
2block :block-start tlf-num
(ir2-block-%label 2block)
(ir2-block-live-out 2block)
(dolist (loc locations)
(dump-location-from-info loc tlf-num var-locs))
......@@ -263,7 +274,8 @@
;;; DEBUG-SOURCE-FOR-INFO -- Interface
;;; Return a list of DEBUG-SOURCE structures containing information derived
;;; from Info.
;;; from Info. We always dump the Start-Positions, since it is too hard
;;; figure out whether we need them or not.
(defun debug-source-for-info (info)
(declare (type source-info info))
......@@ -277,9 +289,8 @@
:compiled (source-info-start-time info)
:source-root (file-info-source-root x)
(when (policy nil (>= debug 2))
(file-info-positions x))))))
(file-info-positions x)))))
(cond ((pathnamep name)
(setf (debug-source-name res) name))
......@@ -297,9 +308,11 @@
;;; possible.
(defun coerce-to-smallest-eltype (seq)
(declare (type sequence seq))
(let ((max 0))
(declare (type (or index null) max))
(macrolet ((frob ()
'(if (and (integerp val) (>= val 0) max)
'(if (and (typep val 'index) max)
(when (> val max)
(setq max val))
(setq max nil))))
......@@ -339,7 +352,7 @@
;;; everywhere in that case.
(defun dump-1-variable (fun var tn id buffer)
(declare (type lambda-var var) (type tn tn) (type unsigned-byte id)
(declare (type lambda-var var) (type tn tn) (type index id)
(type clambda fun))
(let* ((name (leaf-name var))
(package (symbol-package name))
......@@ -347,6 +360,7 @@
(save-tn (tn-save-tn tn))
(kind (tn-kind tn))
(flags 0))
(declare (type index flags))
(unless package
(setq flags (logior flags compiled-debug-variable-uninterned)))
(when package-p
......@@ -354,6 +368,8 @@
(when (and (or (eq kind :environment)
(and (eq kind :debug-environment)
(null (basic-var-sets var))))
(not (gethash tn (ir2-component-spilled-tns
(component-info *compile-component*))))
(eq (lambda-var-home var) fun))
(setq flags (logior flags compiled-debug-variable-environment-live)))
(when save-tn
......@@ -408,7 +424,8 @@
(prev-name nil)
(id 0)
(i 0))
(declare (type (or simple-string null) prev-name))
(declare (type (or simple-string null) prev-name)
(type index id i))
(dolist (x sorted)
(let* ((var (car x))
(name (symbol-name (leaf-name var))))
......@@ -500,8 +517,7 @@
(defun debug-info-for-component (component)
(declare (type component component))
(let ((level (cookie-debug *default-cookie*))
(res (make-compiled-debug-info :name (component-name component)
(let ((res (make-compiled-debug-info :name (component-name component)
:package (package-name *package*))))
(collect ((dfuns))
(let ((var-locs (make-hash-table :test #'eq)))
......@@ -529,7 +545,11 @@
(ir2-environment-elsewhere-start 2env)))))
(ir2-environment-elsewhere-start 2env))))
(level (cookie-debug
(lambda-bind fun))))))
(when (>= level 1)
(setf (compiled-debug-function-variables dfun)
......@@ -567,6 +587,7 @@
(do ((i -1 (+ i 2))
(sorted sorted (cdr sorted)))
((= i len))
(declare (fixnum i))
(let ((dfun (car sorted)))
(unless (minusp i)
(setf (svref funs-vec i) (car dfun)))
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